Déjà Vu

Ever heard your mother say ‘I used to wear clothes just like that when I was your age’ or lust after her clothing in old photo’s? I think it’s true what they say, if you keep your clothes long enough they come back into fashion, that’s my excuse for having so many anyway.

I was having a look at the new trends for spring/summer and thought I could recreate a lot if these from clothes already in my wardrobe. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy anything new though, who has that willpower!

First up prints. This was featured in quite a few of the catwalk shows. Some had big graphic prints like, Mary Katrantzou Animal prints are still around too, check out stunning giraffe print dress .

I have two tops which immediately sprung to mind. This bargainous Primark top purchased last summer.


I also have this little giraffe print top, nowhere near as lovely as that dress but has the same feel to it. I got this in Old Navy when I was in NYC about 5years ago!


Next up, high shine metallics. These are thrown in beside either neutral or big bright colours. I love this Jonathan Saunders dress. Diane Von Furtensberg also had some gorgeous bright dresses with sheen panels.

I have this dress which I also got in NYC years ago. It’s from Armani but I got it on Black Friday with a very large discount. I’m not actually sure it’s supposed to be worn as a dress but that’s how I always wear it. It has copper and grey stripes so fits perfectly with this season. This is me in Cyprus last year, I had to cut the man out of the photo.


Fluorescent is also a big look this summer. Lots if designers had it on the catwalk and Gap has a whole range with neon accents. Osman had loads, unfortunately not featured on the website but you can see it in this article I have these wonderful shoes! They are ridiculously high but I love them. They are from ASOS and are about 3years old!



The 90’s are supposed to be making a comeback, at least it’s not the 80’s again! A big trend is baggy jeans and high waisted trousers. I have both, but I love these jeans. I bought these 8years ago in Miss Sixty. They cost me a fortune but were worth it because they are still in tact. Big turn-ups also very 90’s


You can’t have missed perhaps the biggest trend this season, monochrome! I have already featured this twice, once with new clothing once with old. These are my old jeans, purchased in the sale last summer.


Lastly there’s pencil skirts. I have hundreds given i wear them for work. Roland Mouret and Burberry Prorsum had some stunning red ones that i need in my life. This one of mine I bought a few years ago in Joy. There used to be a Joy on Queen St but I think you can only get in online now. I don’t wear this that often as its not a work skirt but maybe break it out this season.


2 thoughts on “Déjà Vu

  1. Hey chick! Love this post, especially your stripey top 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that I have forgotten my phone today and don’t know your number or email address, so I thought I would drop you a comment here in the hope that you get it! I’m guessing running is off this evening?? I’m in Edinburgh (where it hasn’t stopped snowing all morning) is it just as bad in Glasgow?

    Roz x

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