The Light


It’s a tough job the Fashion blogging business; you’ve got the outfit, found a photographer and place to shoot then the light goes. You will have heard bloggers rave about the magical golden hour, an hour before the sun goes down when the light is perfect for photo taking. Clumsy me always seems to miss this perfect window though and end up in this almost half light. Continue reading “The Light”

Like Momma Used to Make


An outfit post, at long last! January has been busy busy busy and the weather has been a little bit crazy. I’m so disappointed I missed out on a snowy photoshoot, hey maybe there’ll be another chance, fingers crossed. Continue reading “Like Momma Used to Make”


Is there anything better than a Bank Holiday weekend? Maybe one with a built in excuse to eat chocolate? I only have two days of Ripped in 30 left though so stuffing my face with chocolate probably isn’t the best idea. Might just stick to my favourite little chocolate, the furry kind.  This is what dog walk looks like just now. No fancy shoes or … Continue reading Chocolate

You, Where the Hell did You Come From

  Where indeed? The you I’m talking to is this beautiful spring weather and these awesome skinny jeans. After singing the praises of flares last week I discovered these Always Skinny jeans in Gap. They are cut slightly wider through the calf and hip to give a more flattering fit. I’ve always struggled getting my womanly hips and runners calfs into skinnies so they’re perfect … Continue reading You, Where the Hell did You Come From

I Like Those Stylish Clothes You Wear

So she may not be my favourite celebrity, I mean who cheats on Robert Pattison? But she has just been crowned Glamours Best Dressed for 2013 and I do like her style. Laid back, cool and simple, can’t fault it really. I get the impression she just wears what she likes and doesn’t care about having her photo taken or the tabloids opinion of it. … Continue reading I Like Those Stylish Clothes You Wear

Blue jeans

I don’t want to say this too loudly in case I scare it away, but I think spring has finally arrived. There is some sunshine and definitely some milder weather, yay! Gives me a chance to whip out something which doesn’t cover every inch of my body in layers. I love cigarette pants, I am beginning to have quite a collection of colours. These are … Continue reading Blue jeans