I’ve Looked at Life that Way

Recently I’ve heard a lot of negative chat about bloggers from other bloggers. The main bones of contention being that the blogs show perfect lives rather than real lives and outfit posts having ‘staged’ outfits. Harsh indeed, where is the love people? I hope no one feels this way about my little corner of the internet.

I’ll readily accept that my blog does show the positive sides of my life, that’s what I started it for; to have fun. My life isn’t perfect, but I’m not going to play out all my troubles on here, who wants to read that? I’m almost certain no one thinks my outfits are staged, they’re not adventurous or unique enough for that, so I think I’m fine on that front.

In case I’m not, we took these little photos on Seb’s walk yesterday. This maybe the first proper photoshoot with the man, hopefully this will continue as timers are a pain in the ass. We walked down to this wonderful, if ridiculously expensive, sculpture which overlooks the motorway. Don’t let the bright skies fool you it was freezing, cue beanie hat and vintage scarf.





Jacket – Per Una
Shirt – Primark via ASOS
Jeans – Gap
Boots – Barratts
Beanie – Accessorize
Scarf – Vintage Magpies

Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell

12 thoughts on “I’ve Looked at Life that Way

  1. what a ridiculous complaint about a fashion/lifestyle blog. of course you’re going to show yourself at your best. no one wants to see you in your jammies sobbing on the sofa. to be honest I don’t think I would even mind staged outfits that much. I read these blogs to see cool clothes, if someone has pre planned that, I don’t care.
    I abosolutely love that jacket. never seen that sculpture before, it’s fab. last, but not least, yeah for the man taking taking photos !

  2. i honestly agree with your post! no one really wants to hear the negative aspects of our lives yet even when you high light the positive parts of your life…. people take it the wrong as if you’re highlighting too much positive side of your life if that makes sense. i’ve learned you can’t please anyone (either someone is going think you’re crying for attention from negative posts or still crying for attention with the positive ones haha) and i just do what i want to do and what i want to post!

    great blog by the way! the statue is amazing, your outfit is just as amazing if not more, and your dog is super cute!

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