Silk Shirt and it’s Versace

After a few months of asking I finally managed to convince the man to allow me to wear his Versace shirt. I have to say I was shocked to discover he even owned such an item, apparently circa 1996 he was a bit of a fashionista.

I am so glad he kept this though as now I get a vintage designer piece for free and lets face it, its amazing. I wore this to a little blogger meet up a couple weekends ago. I decided to keep everything else simple and let the shirt do the talking. Despite protests of how ridiculous I looked from the man I picked up a few compliments on the shirt; I’ve said it before what do men know.





Shirt – Versace (vintage)
Skirt – H&M
Shoes – Primark
Clutch – New Look
Cuff – Mango
Ring – Gift

Lost – Frank Ocean

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