Three Years ain’t Picked a Career


I realised this week I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and it made me wonder why I do this? Three years has flown by and I still don’t really know what am doing. I’ve achieved less than I thought I would, far less than a lot of blogs I follow. Blogging takes up a lot of time and yet I still struggle to post regularly. I have no idea about SEO, coding or even how to work my DSLR properly. Even simple things like outfit posts often lead to frustration due to weather, Seb misbehaving, otherwise known as being a dog, or fights with my photographer/sister because you know, sisters.

But then there are days like yesterday; when even though our plans were scuppered by mis-organisation and the weather was fighting against us, we got these photos. This skirt arrived through my letterbox, well kinda the man signed for it, earlier in the week from Brag Vintage. Brag Vintage is an online vintage store I’d not heard of before. This is another thing I love about blogging, it introduces you to things you may never have come across without it. The detailed suede has seventies style written all over it, which is apparently still a big trend this season. 

Today’s is just as dreary. I’m trying hard to muster the motivation to go for a run but the sound of rain hitting the windows is pretty off putting. There’s also a pile of work sitting on the dining table waiting for me to attack it. Happy Sunday indeed. 






Jumper – H&M 

Skirt – Brag Vintage*

Boots – Kurt Geiger

Bag – River Island


All Falls Down – Kanye West 

5 thoughts on “Three Years ain’t Picked a Career

  1. Yes, that skirt is beautiful I don’t think I will ever get bored of suede it is just a classic piece for the wardrobe. Don’t worry about the blogging babe I have no idea about coding or anything & I don’t feel like I am progressing but I think you never know what other people can actually do and what they pay to be done for them… 🙂 xxx

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