Why Does It Always Rain On Me


Typical. You miss blogging all month and the weekend you plan to get back to it, nothing but rain. Scotland as much as I love you the weather presents an endless problem.

Anyone else see January as almost a practice month for the rest of the year. I accomplished absolutely nothing bar getting my ass into work every morning. February is the new January, let get this show on the road. 

So on a rainy Saturday afternoon we sought out a quiet under cover space and managed to find this little spot. This cosy Zara sale knit saving me from the cold and allowing a flash of skin with the bare legs. Cosy knits are my saviour this time of year and this navy basic was a perfect match for my vintage skirt on a dull rainy day. 







Knit – Zara

Skirt – Glad Rags Thrift

Bag – Next

Boots – Primark 



Why Does It Always Rain On Me – Travis 

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