Sunshine and Spots


I’m back, not so fresh from a long girly weekend in Marbella. Last week I showed of my sunshine holiday toe nails and today I planned to show off my sunshine holiday finger nails. One problem, they didn’t quite survive the sunshine, sea, sand and shots. 

I had this plan for simple nude nails with summery spotty pattern, problem I don’t have a nude shellac and had no time to order some. I picked up a Barry M Jelly polish in the perfect colour. A lot of bloggers rave about these polishes but I found it hard to work with. It’s quite thick and takes a long time to dry, maybe I’m just too used to shellac now. I added the little spots with my dotter tool and finished with a shellac top coat. 

I’d hoped the top coat would help the nails last this wasn’t the case. Four days in they’ve started to crack and peel from underneath, shame cause I did like these. Lesson learned, you can’t mix polishes, nude shellac duly ordered. Lucky for you, I took the above little shot for facebook and below for instagram


3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Spots

  1. The nails look amazing especially with a yummy drink in hand definitely not jealous but I don’t like the barry m polishes in general 😦 they are cheap but perform cheap I think x

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