Acts Like Summer and Walks Like Rain

This week has been a strange one. We started on Monday with beautiful blue skies and all hailed that spring had finally arrived. By Wednesday it was raining again, you’d think we’d learn up here in Scotland.

Work was a strange kinda quiet but busy at the same time. I like it that way though. I saw Beauty and the Beast, simply because nothing else was on, and was as disappointed as I knew I’d be. Can Disney just stop with the remakes and leave my childhood alone? Mostly though I’ve been running, 4miles is now a short run and I’ve racked up a massive 20miles this week. My legs are heavy and tired and feet are battered and blistered. This months shopping list is trainers, leggings, socks and all other boring leisurewear. 

This top was my first purchase from LinkShe, one of those cheap fashion websites I see people buying from all the time. I was pretty disappointed as it’s quite different from the picture online. The frills are half the size and it’s not cotton. I’ve seen others get some fab pieces from these sites so maybe I’m just unlucky. Has anyone else tried them? 









Top – LinkShe

Jeans – Next

Clutch – Primark

Heels – Primark

Sunglasses – Chanel

Watch – Fitbit


Drops of Jupiter – Train

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