Sun Sun Sun, Here it Comes

So summer is finally here. As the song says it has been a long, if not lonely, winter and the sun has been long awaited. I’m worried I’m tempting fate even uttering these words but we’re now headed into our third straight week of sun so I might be ok.

All that sun has created a problem though as all my summer clothes are currently at least one size too small. As I’m not intending staying this size for long I’m loathed to spend money on a new wardrobe. The solution; Primark for some cheap and cheerful summer bargains. Turns out their summer offerings this year are pretty damn good. Rather than the usual cheap sweaty fabrics there are a fair few high percentage if not entirely cotton options. I now have fully stocked summer wardrobe for less than £70.

This dress is case in point 90% cotton, floaty, light and perhaps most importantly pockets! Those buttons are also real so if like me you have a baba to feed perfect is the word your looking for. So much so I think I’m heading back to get it in red. It’s perfectly acceptable to just alternate between them all summer right?

Dress – Primark

Sunglasses – Chanel

Heels – Carvela

Handbag – Just Fab

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

3 thoughts on “Sun Sun Sun, Here it Comes

  1. As I type this, it is pouring rain. I did manage to mow a part of my property before it really came down! I do adore sunshine, but rain is very good too. That dress is perfect for summer. Oh and pockets are always a good thing!

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