The Sky is More Blue


It’s so very British to talk about the weather, but when it’s this good it’s hard not too. This may be the first tine I’ve had to reduce the brightness in my photos rather than try and add some. What a lovely problem to have. 
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This post was supposed to be up on Friday, but a combination of tiredness and sheer confusion conspired against me. Let’s just say the exit polls gave me hope, and I had tried not to get hopeful, so I stayed up till 4am watching the results come in. 
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And now I’m Covered in Colours


Why stop at a pop colour when you can cover yourself in them, right? It is supposed to be summer after all. Would love to say I planned this shoot but the perfectly matched colourful street art was a fluke find. When you have no ideas of where to shoot an outfit sometimes driving around aimlessly works out.
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