Under My Umbrella


Umbrella, the must have summer accessory when you live in Scotland. Yesterday’s outfit choice was a complete fail, not only was it rainy it was freezing too. 

I coulda done with some jeans and wellies but this little skirt is so cute it needed an outing this summer. I picked it up for Christmas in H&M but I think it makes a much better summer piece than winter. Even with chicken legs, thank god for fake tan and yes I do have some on. 

Yesterday was wedding dress shopping day number 2, meaning I was inside all afternoon so the outfit wasn’t a complete fail. It seems I try on a lots of dresses, both consultants were shocked by the number I had in the changing room at the end. After thinking I knew exactly what I wanted, I tried on something completely different and now I’m torn. I may be one of those girls you see on Say Yes to the Dress that’s tried on 100+ dresses and still not decided. Maybe I should have a costume change? 






Vest – Topshop (customised)

Skirt – H&M

Cardigan – Primark

Sandals – Primark

Clutch – Accessorize 


Rihanna – Umbrella

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