DIY Ripped Jeans Tutorial


Ripped jeans are such a massive trend right now. I’m not about to spend £40 on something I can rip up in my dining room in under an hour. Particularly when this old Gap pair have been balled up in the corner for a year waiting for a DIY, can you tell? 


I started out by pulling them on and marking where I wanted the cuts. I did this with chalk hence why it’s pretty much invisible in this photo, not massively helpful for you I know. Then just go at them with some sharp scissors, rocket science I know. My tip for distressing the cuts is rubbing the edges of the fabric with tweezers, it helps loosen the threads. 


Getting those white frayed areas, which seem to be getting so big they are almost the whole leg on some ripped jeans I’ve seen, takes a little more work. Start the same way as above but make a series of cuts in the rough shape your looking for. You then need to pull the vertical threads out one buy one, yip I told you it takes a bit more work. 


Then bang them in the washing machine, a quick wash helps add to the distressing. The biggest tip I have is to start small and keep trying the jeans on until you get the look your after. I went through three stages as you can see. I’m still not sure I’m satisfied and I’m thinking about ripping them up  but more even though I already wore them here. What do you think?




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