I Like Those Stylish Clothes You Wear

So she may not be my favourite celebrity, I mean who cheats on Robert Pattison? But she has just been crowned Glamours Best Dressed for 2013 and I do like her style.

Laid back, cool and simple, can’t fault it really. I get the impression she just wears what she likes and doesn’t care about having her photo taken or the tabloids opinion of it.

Stealing her style is a pretty easy task. Skinny jeans are key, I find Gap have the best jeans on the high street. Next up, leather jacket; All Saints have amazing ones but if that’s outa your budget head to good old Topshop. Throw in some band t shirts, oversized jumpers and some converse. Oh and don’t forget the obligatory Wayfarers, worth the price tag – you’ll wear them forever.

Gap Skinny Jean £32, Mango oversized jumper £35, Topshop Leather Jacket £64, Converse £40, Wayfayers £110, Ramones Tee £15, Zepplin Tee £11

Bring out a red carpet though and all bets are off.


Ride Wit Me – Nelly

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