I Say, Take Me Out

I managed to do most of my sale shopping from the comfort on my bed on Boxing Day morning. I knew it was a great idea getting the man a new iPad, I got his old one. I did pop into town briefly and into Gap. I’m so glad I did as I picked up these beauties.

I’ve been wanting some coated jeans for a while. The colour of these makes them a bit different from the black ones I’ve seen everywhere. They made me want to go to one of the indie clubs I used to go to when I was at uni and dance the night away. If only I could go to work with a hangover like I did lectures. Oh wait, I’m off for three whole weeks! It’ll be too hot for these in Australia though, hopefully next week I’ll have some more interesting backdrops.





Jumper – Forever 21
Jeans – Gap
Heels – Primark
Clutch – Christmas Present

Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand

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