You, Where the Hell did You Come From

Cream-knit-skinny-jeans-brogues  Where indeed? The you I’m talking to is this beautiful spring weather and these awesome skinny jeans. After singing the praises of flares last week I discovered these Always Skinny jeans in Gap. They are cut slightly wider through the calf and hip to give a more flattering fit. I’ve always struggled getting my womanly hips and runners calfs into skinnies so they’re perfect for me. 

I may have gotten a little ahead of myself on the weather front, one sunny day does not make spring. As you can see on Instagram it’s pouring in Glasgow now. At least it gives me a chance to rock my bargains. There’s still some steals available in their clearance, have you checked it out yet? 






Jumper – Gap

Jeans – Gap

Brogues – Clarks*

Necklace & Ring – Gift

Bangle – Brown Thomas

Camera Bag – Koolertron

Heartbeat Song – Kelly Clarkson




8 thoughts on “You, Where the Hell did You Come From

  1. Those shoes and that bag! I absolutely love brogues and have picked up a few after our chat actually me complaining about how shoes hurt my feet haha, your jumper looks cute and cosy too xxx

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