Got Them Gazing at my Necklace

I saw this awesome necklace while browsing Look magazine a few weeks ago. Much as I loved it I though £18 was a but steep for effectively a gold plated necklace and some embroidery thread. So I thought I put one together myself.

All you need is:

Gold necklace – I got mine for £2 in Primark

Glue – I only had PVC to hand but you’d be better with superglue

Embroidery thread

Jump rings

I started by wrapping the black thread around the top of the chain in the middle section. I used a little dot of glue to hold it in place to start and finish.

I made my tassels using a pretty convoluted method. There’s a much better one here, just add the jump ring instead of a pencil. I then attached a jump ring to my chain and the tasselled jump ring to that. Ta Da!

Oh I almost forgot I loosened all the threads in my tassels to make them, let’s say fluffier.


Pass Out – Tinie Tempah


14 thoughts on “Got Them Gazing at my Necklace

  1. Wow what a fab idea!!! I love how you have had a few DIY posts and stuff I think (fingers crossed) I would be able to give it a go, this looks really good as well xxxx

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