DIY Fascinator Tutorial


When you can’t find exactly what you want, make it yourself. My brother’s wedding turned into a DIY extravaganza, firstly with my skirt and at the last minute this little fascinator. After a nightmare trying to find the right top I gave up searching for the right fascinator and headed to Remenant Kings instead. 


I picked up everything I needed for under £15.

1/4 metre stiff netting

1/2 metre of Russian lace

Guttermann fabric glue



Fabric Scissors

Headband – from Claire’s Accessories

First up creating that birdcage. I used all of my Russian lace but it was a little long and a trimmed the edges when it was finished. Firstly cut the top edges off as below, this is crucial to creating the correct shape. Then sew through the square in the centre of each section, the small square not the lace design, all along that outside edge. You then pull gently at the end and the lace will begin to gather into the cage shape.



I kept the thread long till I had right shape. A quick little knot in the thread and trim the end and Ta Dah!


Next up to create that headpiece. I started by cutting out the pieces below. I folded over the lower sections and sewed them onto the top base piece in the same over as they are laid out. The sewing does not need to be neat, you don’t see it as long as you use black thread. 



Once finished I realised it needed to be a bit bigger to balance the birdcage. I added two lines of thinner pieces in the same way behind these first ones. Now for really add some zing.


No need for extra expense on little decorative feathers. I made mine from the plain cheap ones above. Simply pull off the lower feathers and then trim the end. I fed the stem through the holes in the netting and folded over about a centimetre at the back and glued it in place. 

The whole piece was then glued onto the underside of the headband. I picked this one specifically as it had this thicker sequinned section which was perfectly placed to hold my additions. Lastly I sewed the birdcage in place and as I said above trimmed the edges to suit. 

What’s this space, full outfit post coming on Friday. 



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