DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial


How cute are these, even if I do say so myself? I’ve seen simlar little bracelets  a few places. You know me though, why spend money on something I can make myself.

What you need:

Leather Cord – eBay 

Rounded Metal Beads – eBay

Curved Tube Beads – eBay 



This tutorial hardly seems worthwhile, if my five year old neice can make these so can you. As she very quickly learned and liked to shout the first step is to tie a knot, this isn’t actually essential but stops the beads falling off which is helpful when working with a five year old. The knot should be about a third of the way down the cord. 


You then fill the cord with whatever selection of beads you fancy and we tied another knot to hold them in place. If you miss out the knots the beads will move around all over the bracelet which would look cool but I think would make the slding knots difficult to tie. 


I wanted to keep these simple for my neice so finished them off with sliding knots rather than any kind of clasp. You can find a tutorial for sliding knots here, I’m not going to try and explain the process. 

Go on, give them a try.



16 thoughts on “DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

  1. I wish I had the skills to be able to make things like this. Whenever I have tried in the past, I get everything all tangled, and just give up. Haha!

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