If At First You Don’t Succeed


Never try to paint your nails in a hurry, it’ll always end I disaster. I was planning a design using matt and gloss top coats. After almost a hour it was obvious there wasn’t enough of a contrast on this red for the design to work. 

Did I give up? Nope, if at first you don’t succeed and all that. I layered up on the gloss top coat, glitter on the ring finger, and added a few mini pearls. The result is my nails feel like acyrlic they’re so thick. But hey, they’re not naked and that’s what matters. 

Happy Hump Day.





Try Again – Aaliyah 

2 thoughts on “If At First You Don’t Succeed

  1. Oooh it looks pretty, I love it when they layer up sometimes haha it does seem more like acrylics which is good when I can’t afford to get them done anymore 😉 xx

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