The Leaves are Shining in the Sun

You know how we all thought it was spring? It’s still bloody freezing in Glasgow, can someone tell Mother Nature please. Anyway I thought I’d bring some spring to my nails with this little cherry blossom pattern. When I was a kid there was some at the bottom of my street. I always loved how pretty the cherry blossoms were and how they covered the ground like confetti. I only wished they lasted longer, quite a short lived blossom from what I recall.

Anyway, back to the nails. I had to mix up a light blue by adding white to the royal blue I have. The design was Super easy, I drew the branches free hand and added the petals with my dotter. After a few days looking at these I wish I’d added some more petals, I have this noted for next time.





You may have heard the Company Style Blog Awards nominations are open again. I’d love to be considered for one, I think I fit the personal style category best. If you fancy nominating me you can click on the picture below and it will take you right there. It would really make me smile.





Hard Times are Over – John Lennon

16 thoughts on “The Leaves are Shining in the Sun

  1. Ooooo so pretty!! I love anything to do with cherry blossom, it’s the prettiest thing about spring!! Can’t believe how detailed you’ve managed to do these!! xo

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