Layla formerly known as Jose Vanders, has been around for a little while. Her previous tracks, Oh My Love, Tease, are sweet melody filled loveliness leaving you with a warm feeling inside. I’m not complaining, I really liked them. 

Her new track Smokestacks really grabbed my attention though with as it has a very different feel. It begins slowly with simple piano but as soon as Layla’s vocals creep in you know it’s something special. It builds into a massive track with layers of percusion and harmonies. I love the sound of Layla’s voice, her tone and the emphasis placed on certain lyrics. Her vocals are so filled with emotion they create an eerie feeling. The track is captivating and instead of leaving you with a warm feeling inside it leaves you tingling. 

I’m looking forward to the release of her new EP, Black Mud, out on the 28th April.

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