I Put My New Shoes On

When’s someone asks me if I’d like a new pair of shoes, it doesn’t take much thought to come up with the answer. Then I discovered the shoes were to be from Clarks and I did wonder if I’d find anything I liked. Clarks to me has always meant old lady and school shoes. It appears though they’ve had a little overhaul, you may have have about their collaboration with the fabulous Orla Kelly.

I won’t lie there is still a large selection of comfortable shoes, imagine the thought! I picked up these beauties though. I’ve been swithering over the brogues trend for a while now but I simple couldn’t resist gorgeous patent ones. They got a massive selection of brogues, you can view them all here. Obviously the quality and fit are top notch, my mum always said Clarks school shoes last all year.

Oh and as a bonus I got my half size! My feet are rather awkwardly not only massive but different sizes, 7 and 7.5. I never get half sizes and always have to go for and 8. These beauties are 7.5 and quite possibly the best fitting shoes I’ve had since my mum got me some from a catalogue, the less said about that the better.






Jacket – Very
Trousers – Zara
Shirt – Armani
Brogues – Clarks
Necklace – Primark
Cuff – H&M
Ring -Ursula’s Treasures

New Shoes – Paulo Nutini

I mentioned the Company Blog Awards during the week, I don’t mean to go on but if you fancy nominating me here’s the link again.

13 thoughts on “I Put My New Shoes On

  1. Great shoes! My feet are different sizes too, it’s such a hassle and I’m forever squishing things into the ‘too big shoe’ to make it stay on. Can’t we get foot extensions on the NHS or something?

  2. Love the jeans – they look as though they have an interesting pattern on them? The necklace works well! Nicely put together.


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