Colour Blocking on a Sunny Afternoon

A few days of sunshine is all it takes to put a spring in my step and have me reaching for all the bright colours I can find. After spending a sunny afternoon in the park with my boys, I managed to tire them both out enough to steal a few minutes to paint my nails. This is now a luxury it seems.

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Spring Has Sprung


There’s been a couple dry days, the sun has peeked out and it’s even been warm on a few occasions. In Glasgow this counts as Spring. Of course I had to go for some bright Spring like nails to encourage the seasons along.

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Another Turning Point, A Fork Stuck in the Road

Friday was very much the an end if an era. I left my job after almost seven years to move on to hopefully greener pastures. It’s a bit scary leaving what you know and love but I’m sure it’s the right decision and will all work out. The hardest part was leaving all my colleagues friends. There were tears a plenty throughout the day and … Continue reading Another Turning Point, A Fork Stuck in the Road

Don’t even need to buy a new dress

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend. Have enjoyed some lovely dog walks in the milder weather and it’s been nice to just relax and do not very much. It did mean I got round to sorting things which have been boxed up since the move. Most importantly setting up my beloved old school sewing machine. I’m inspired and I’m going to buy some patterns etc … Continue reading Don’t even need to buy a new dress