Call Me In the Afternoon

Half Moon Run are a Canadian Indie Rock group. This little threesome prove there’s more to Canada’s music scene than Justin Bieber and Bryan Adams. Their sound is a mix of indie, pop and folk and are becoming more and more popular since supporting the likes of Mumford and Sons on tour.

They’ve only been together for two years but these are talented boys and not surprisingly have caught the attention of the music world. I heard them a few weeks ago on Greg James Radio 1 show and instantly fell in love with this song. Call Me in the Afternoon has a soft folk sound but their tracks can vary from vocal harmonies and guitars to those driven by keyboards and touch of electronica.

Their début LP, Full Circle is out already and well worth checking out. As always let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Call Me In the Afternoon

  1. I love the fact you do music on your blog, especially when you have a fab music taste! Thank you for your comment and stopping by x

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