If you haven’t noticed electronic pop is having a bit of a moment right now, think Mura Masa, Aluna George et al. Off Bloom are another Danish electro band to add to that list. By coincidence both of the above have worked on Off Blooms debute EP, Love to Hate, out on Saturday. 
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Don’t Wait

This weekend was positively summery, I was even out without a jacket on Friday night and sunday afternoon. So this little snippet of sunshine has drawn me to summery little tunes and I came across Mapei. Born in Rhode Island she split her youth between summers at home and school  Stockholm. There coolness of Stockholm definitely shines through in her tracks. She was orginally a rapper releasing … Continue reading Don’t Wait

My Friend Has a Swimming Pool

So Mondays can be pretty dull and depressing, and if your unlucky like me a complete nightmare before 9am. So here’s a fun filled little dance pop track to cheer us all up and look forward to Friday. Mausi, pronounced mousey, are a quarter based in Newcastle. Fronted by siblings Thomas and Daisey Finetto originally from Milan, may account for the European party feel of … Continue reading My Friend Has a Swimming Pool


This little song has been stuck in my head all week. It’s the debut from Canadian band Magic! It is played constantly on the radio here, reaching no.2 in the charts. I don’t know if it was even released in the UK. It a perfect little pop holiday song with funky beat and reggae feel to it. Only one left in Australia for me, best … Continue reading Rude