7 Days

This week had been mostly about exercise. I started Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack. Every muscle in my body was sore for the first few days, I’m glad to say I seem to have passed that stage and can now walk and sit down like a normal person. Along with that I’ve been back out running with Roz and even managed a run on Friday night despite the humidity, red and sweaty is not a good look for a Friday night.

Last night I let my hair down and went along to a little Scottish bloggers meet up orgainsed by Lynsey. I had such a laugh and met Nikki and Kirsty,who I’ve been chatting to for ages on twitter, as well as a load of other lovely bloggers. I was supposed to get the last train home but after a few cocktails that kinda went out the window and I ended up in Butterfly and Pig till 2am. I blame those gorgeous ladies you see up there, Wendy, Betty and Claire.

Oh and there’s the obligatory picture of Seb looking cute, there’s at least one a week on Instagram.

Hope your all enjoying your Sunday.

7 Days – Craig David

One thought on “7 Days

  1. Love that our sweaty run pic made your round up! 🙂

    Still wondering what filter you used to make us so red though!! Haha! x

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