So What, I’m still a rock star

What a crazy week I’ve had, so busy at work and two nights out. Bank holiday weekend though so can’t complain.

I did these lovely bright nails at the weekend hoping that spring might arrive before Easter. Given there was a fresh few inches of snow in the garden this morning it doesn’t look likely.

I know I always say this but these are pretty easy to do, you do need a steady hand though. I started by painting half my nails white. I did this freehand but you could use tape.


I then did the other half pink. The join is pretty clean on mine but it doesn’t matter too much as you cover it with the black.
The black is the awkward part not surprisingly. You want a thin line so you have space to spread it out, but you also need a good amount of polish so you can make the design.

I used my dotter tool and dragged it back and forth through the line of black polish. If you don’t have one a toothpick of pencil would work. I’ve said before I use shellac but if your using normal nail polish you’ll need to be quick before it starts to set.


Then just finished with a too coat. What do you think?


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