Baby You’re a Firework

So these where intended for last week ahead of Guy Fawkes Night but I was just a little too busy to get the post up in time. Fireworks aren’t only for the 5th anymore it seems, my poor little pup will confirm that surely we’ve had enough now people?
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Embrasser C’est Francais 

A French manicure is too boring for me but I wanted something simple after my Halloween nails. After a nude base coat I added these chic little black tips.  The tips I painted with a little brush and added the dots with a dotter tool. When painting the tips don’t stress about getting it perfect first time, I found I was able to balance everything … Continue reading Embrasser C’est Francais 

I Clicked My Heels Together Three Times

I was going to go for a chic all black outfit in the style of one of my favourite bloggers Faiiint. I just couldn’t resist a flash of colour though, and what better way than with bright red heels, Dorothy would be proud. I’m am absolutely in love with these trousers. I’ve been lusting after some leather ones forever, there’s been a pair saved on … Continue reading I Clicked My Heels Together Three Times