Fade to Grey

I have been inspired by the white landscape and grey sky we’ve had for the last few days. I remembered these little grey boots I’ve had for years and put together a whole outfit around them.

I’m not sure what happened to this photo, I assure you I’m not standing in a smoke filled room! This is a nice simple outfit and cosy for the cold weather. This jumper is from M&S of all places, I don’t think it looks mumsy though. I like to wear it off one shoulder.


The boots are suede, prob not the best choice for the snow but look how cute they are with their little buckles.

Of course deer stalker hat for when out in the snow!


Jeans – Gap similar
Jumper – M&S similar
Boots – ASOS similar

7 thoughts on “Fade to Grey

  1. The sweater looks so fluffy & warm! I always think M&S do great basics like this, always such nice quality too. I’ve been living in my hats too the past few days, I want Spring to hurry up already, I’m fed up of being freezing now!

    1. I’m still enjoying the snow cause Seb is so funny running around in it! Really want to break out my spring clothes though. I assume I’ll be seeing you in all the colours of the rainbow once the sun comes out?

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