The Weather Outside is Frightful

Oh my god is it never going to stop snowing, its supposed to be spring. I was supposed to go check out the new Forever 21 shop which opened in Glasgow yesterday, the weather is frightful though. I decided I wasn’t going to venture into town and would just spend the day curled on the sofa, in my onsie with my favourite boy.

The man had other ideas though and dragged me down to the local B&Q. While he was off looking at boy things I had some fun of my own. I found my own personalised paint.

And picked up some paint swatches for crafting with, can’t wait to use these.

We had some fun in the snow when we got back, taking Seb a walk. He had an absolute ball running around and catching snowballs.

Check out how deep it is.

Like my hat?

And a cute one to finish with, I should say its just a haltie on his nose to stop him pulling, not a muzzle.


3 thoughts on “The Weather Outside is Frightful

  1. I feel the same way… where is spring??!! At least your hat looks cozy.

    Your pup is so cute! It is crazy how much they can pull on a leash though.

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