Holiday Nails, Help?



Over the past three years of this little blog there’s been a selection of holiday nail art. Some bright and bold, some simple and chic. I think my favourites have been the most recent combo of nude fingers and neon sunset toes for my Marbella girls holiday 

With Italy less than a week away, I seriously lacking in imagination though? Should I go holiday bright and bold or is chic more fitting for the stylish Italian cities I’m visiting? 

I’m leaning towards something simple with glitter, what do we think?

Shooting Star


Getting it wrong first time round seems to be becoming a theme with my nails. I picked up the little nail stamping kit and had planed a golden floral design on the purple base. 

The stamp just wouldn’t show up though, even when I tried a different colour. I’m not sure if it’s the dark purple base I chose or that the kit was from poundland? I might give it another go on white nails. 

So what’s a girl to do? I couldn’t leave them one plain colour. Instead opted for some caviar embellishment in this shooting star design. I’m sad to say the right toe is chipped already, I don’t think embellishments are meant for big toes stuck inside pointed shoes all day! 






Shooting Star – Owl City




Holiday Wish List


Snake Print ShortsCactus Print Bralet – Aztec Print PlaysuitYellow Paisley Print ShortsPink Dipped Length SkirtEmbroidered Cotton Cami Crochet VestWedges 

Finally we have our summer holiday booked, just over two weeks and we’ll be off on our Italian adventure. That means there’s one main thing on my mind; what am I going to wear? There’s some benefits to last minute late summer booking, not only does it save the weeks of waiting but there are always some major sale bargains in my favourite stores too. 

I did get a bit carried away with the under £10 bargains and before I knew it my basket was over £100. Time to scale it back. These are a few of my fav’s though. Italy is hot hot hot right now, even though it’s not a bikini holiday I’m still looking for as light as possible. 

Take a Walk on the Beach


Last Sunday we knocked it out the park with our little beach day trip. The beach at Elie is even more gorgeous than we had hoped and the sun came out, who’d have expected that with the summer we’ve had. 

Nothing beats a day at the beach to clear out the cobwebs and brighten your mood. Throw in the happiest dog, some good friends and yummy picnic, not just any picnic but an M&S picnic, and you’ve got yourself a day that if you could bottle and sell you’d be a millionaire. 

This also served as a kickstart to no. 30 on my 35 at 35, exploring Scotland. Elie is a beautiful little town on the east coast. We spent our day on the beach with a rather excited Seb but we passed a number of adorable little seaside village shops and cafes. Perhaps when we don’t have Mr Waggy Tail with us we get to venture inside. It’s only 1hr 40mins from Glasgow so I expect we’ll be back. 








Shirt – M&S

Jeans – Gap (DIY distressed)

Sandals – Primark

Necklace – Accessorize

Bangles – Accessorize

Sunglasses – H&M


Miami – Will Smith

If At First You Don’t Succeed


Never try to paint your nails in a hurry, it’ll always end I disaster. I was planning a design using matt and gloss top coats. After almost a hour it was obvious there wasn’t enough of a contrast on this red for the design to work. 

Did I give up? Nope, if at first you don’t succeed and all that. I layered up on the gloss top coat, glitter on the ring finger, and added a few mini pearls. The result is my nails feel like acyrlic they’re so thick. But hey, they’re not naked and that’s what matters. 

Happy Hump Day.





Try Again – Aaliyah 


It’s not often I feature an artist twice on new music Monday, this is a first in fact. The new Lion Babe song is too good to ignore, impossible in fact. 

If I thought this duo were cool last year when I featured Jump Hi, in the meantime they have only got cooler. Check out this video for a start, Beyoncé eat your heart out. 

This is my new Friday night track. 

Mad Men


It’s all about the culottes, I’m having a love affair with them right now. The only thing stopping me buying every colour and pattern is my bank balance. When I saw these beauties on ASOS they had to be mine, they double up as workwear so that makes it ok Mr Bank Blance right? 

The colour is nothing short of brilliant and reminds me of Mad Men. Anything that makes me challenge the awesome Ms Joan Harris is worth every God damn penny. Exactly what I was needing to pull me out of my funk. 

Funny how an outfit can effect your mood. Clothing is personal but its also out there for all to see. The right one can make you feel fantastic. The wrong one; badly fitting, unflattering colour, can have the complete opposite effect. This one is the former. 






Culottes – ASOS

Shirt – Armani

Heels – Primark

Bag – Primark

Sunglasses – Chanel

Watch – Armani