A Rush of Blood

When you love indie rock as much as me this new Coasts track can’t help but grab your attention. It has a definite hint of two of my favourites Twin Atlantic and The 1975.

These guys hail from Bristol and have been going for a few years now and this track itself isn’t exactly new. It was released earlier this year before getting a little revamp from Rudimental producer Mike Spenser.

With an EP set to be released on the 1st October, UK tour starting at the end of November and this track just being named Zane Lowe’s hottest record; it’s all go for these guys now.

Summer has Come and Past


Big trend for this season is bare legs and knee high boots. I have a total of two pairs of knee high boots, one brown and one black. I may need to invest in some if I’m going to rock this look all winter.

This is another little off shoulder item I’ve picked up. I’m obsessed with these and picked this and another dress up in Primark for a grand total of £16, bargain! It works perfectly with my tan boots and my Wild Inanda necklace finishes a simple look.






Gilet – Topshop
Dress – Primark
Boots – ASOS
Necklace – Wild Inanda
Clutch – DIY

Wake Me Up when September Ends – Greenday

Carrie Style


Let me tell you shooting outfit photos in the dark is not easy. It’s dark here by 7pm now which isn’t good, God knows what I’m going to do when we get into proper winter.

I don’t know how I managed to go all summer without flouncing around in this bad boy, maybe because I buy so many clothes I forgot about it? Anyway my sister thought it was a very Carrie look, so she desperately tried to get some good shots of me strutting around the city, tutu flowing. The dark defeated us though and we had to head inside to get a few good pictures. Oh and strutting those heels is not easy, let me tell you.

This beautiful building is the Mitchell library. Many a day was spent in here studying while I was at university, so it has a special place in my heart. 

Now, Im wondering if tutus are acceptable wear for winter, what do you think?







Tutu Skirt – Ebay
Cardigan – Pull & Bear
Heels – Primark
Scarf – Primark
Brooch – Shindig

If I knew You Were Coming I’d have Baked a Cake


I’ve been wanting to learn how to cook and bake for a while now. I’m always so jealous when see awesome kitchen creations on Pinterest or instagram. So when I was invited along to Curry’s blogger bake off, I was equally excited and nervous. Thankfully I wasn’t the only clueless baker and my little team, Laura, Laura and Gillian, worked together pretty well to create some yummy cakes.

The Cookery School in Glasgow was a brilliant venue and the chef managed to make everything simple, just as well. We baked scones, Victoria sponge, muffins and cupcakes; I know we were busy. We had a little help from the awesome Kenwood mixer, bit of a change from the hand mixing I had to do as a kid. Obviously I still had to ‘taste’ the leftover cake mixture, do kids still do this what with the raw egg?

I was pretty chuffed with our creations, particularly my cupcakes, I may have ‘tasted’ the icing also. They were almost to good to eat but me and Seb made short work of them. I’ve got my own little Kenwood hand mixer and recipes now so no excuses, domestic goddess here I come.







If I Knew You Were Coming I would have Baked a Cake – Eileen Barton

God’s Whisper


I didn’t have a music monday planned for today, I was too busy baking all day yesterday! This morning I heard Pharrell on the radio though and he recommended this guy in passing. I’ve loved Pharrell since his Neptune days so when he recommends someone my ears perk up.

Quick search on soundcloud brought up Raury’s debut album Indigo Child, released digitally at the beginning of September. Every track is different and I can see why this guy doesn’t want to get tied down to a genre or even whether he’s a singer or rapper.

There’s quite a bit of buzz about this 17year old online and it’s easy to see why. The tracks are, you could say, revolutionary and he has a fantastic outlook on life. This track with its lyrics ‘I am the Saviour’ is not a Kanye West style Jesus complex but rather a call to everyone ‘I just want to make as many people aware that the world is yours’

Bright kid.

Brush Your Shoulders Off


Off the shoulder has to be my favourite trend right now. Perhaps surprising given I most definitely have swimmers shoulders, but I love it. This little top also allows me to add that touch of much needed colour to my work wardrobe.

I’m desperately trying to keep hold of summer but the temperatures have dropped considerably in the past week or so. I dug this waistcoat outa my drawer to add a layer and balance the bare shoulders. I bought this circa 2007 when waistcoats were very in and standard on a night out teamed with jeans. It’s firmly in the work wardrobe now though.

It’s that time again now folks, happy Friday!






Top – ASOS
Waistcoat – Vero Moda
Culottes – ASOS
Heels – New Look
Bag – Aldo
Necklace – Etsy



Dirt of Your Shoulder – Jay Z

One More


Elliphant is a super cool, Swedish singer and rapper. She burst onto the scene in Dec 2012 with her first single Down on Life; notably bigged up by Ms Perry herself on Twitter ‘one of the most bad ass music videos I’ve seen in a long time’. Bad ass indeed and exactly why I love her. Since then she collaborated with a host of people including none other than Skrillex.

She’s back with this track featuring Danish Mo. I’m telling you Scandinavia is where it’s at these days. This track grabs you instantly with its funky beat and it’s slow tempo is the perfect after club tune. The videos pretty cool too, who doesn’t love geishas in Adidas trackies?

Hope this cheers up you Monday.