When I Called You Last Night from Glasgow

Isn’t my fair city doing us all proud this past week. I’ve always been a proud Glaswegian but I’m really impressed by how well the Commonwealth Games are going. The opening ceremony was brilliant, I have heard a lot of people saying they found it cheesy but I loved it. It really got me excited for the rest of the games as you could probably tell from my instagram.

I didn’t mange to get any tickets for the events but I very luckily got to go to Hampden on Saturday thanks to Sarah giving me her spare ticket. We had the most amazing seats right in front of the 100m, so close to the action, again you probably noticed from my crazy instagraming. It may have only been heats but I was super excited. The whole day was topped off with the 5000m final, one of my favourite events. My highlight was the entire crowd cheering on the little guy that had two whole laps left when everyone else finished. Glasgow loves a trier.

If you ever look at fashion bloggers with jealously that they always have brand new clothes, check this little outfit out. The newest item here is this shirt and it’s 7, yes 7, years old. All those budget Birkenstocks your buying, go and get the real thing, these guys at pushing 10years old now. Turns out it is worth paying more for a bit of quality.

Tonight I’m off out to enjoy the electric atmosphere In the city centre everyone is raving about. Set to be a good night I suspect.


Blazer – Zara (8yrs old)
Shirt – Next (7yrs old)
Jeans – Republic (9yrs old)
Sliders – Birkenstock (10yrs old)

Super Trouper – ABBA

A Beauty Review – First Ever

So I’ve never done one of these so excuse me if in,eave out all the important stuff. I’m a girl who’s daily make up consists of mascara, sometimes not even that, and a beauty regime of washing my face with soap and occasionally applying moisturiser. When the lovely folks at Crabtree and Evelyn offers to send me some goodies I thought it was maybe time to improve said beauty regime.

So Around a month ago a lovely little package arrived with this gorgeous Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Soufflé. One thing that always bugs me about beauty reviews are those posted days or sometimes hours after a products release. How can you give a proper review when you’ve only just got it? I’ve made real effort to moisturise everyday with this one, that’s a big deal for me I’m lazy.

The first thing I noticed about this is how lovely it smells. I don’t know how you describe a smell but trust me it’s good, really fresh and summery. The next is the feel, it’s really thick. It’s described as a soufflé as it’s whipped and you can definitely feel that. This means you don’t need a lot of it which you can see from how much I have left. The only downside I’ve found is it takes a while to fully absorb into your skin, maybe because it’s so thick or maybe I’m just not used to moisturising everyday. I’ll definitely be continuing to use it as I’ve noticed a big difference to my skin. Even in this heat we’ve been having my legs haven’t dried out as they normally would.

So how did I do? Cover all the main points?


Hand in Hand through their Parklife

What to do on a sunny bank holiday Monday? Head to the park of course, the gorgeous Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow’s West End. It’s been getting a lot of attention of late, what with the Commonwealth Games lawn bowls being held there and the newly renovated Band Stand being a Festival 2014 venue.

It’s also the perfect location for an inner city picnic and dog walk as Roz and I did last Monday. We managed to catch the commonwealth baton pass through the west end on route to the park. I had some lovely cuddles with Roz’s gorgeous baby boy. Seb wasn’t left out on the fun either making friends with two adorable little pugs. All in all pretty fab day.

Oh and we got some outfit pictures, thanks Roz!



Crop – ASOS
Shorts – Topshop
Bag – Primark
Sunnies – ASOS
Sandals – Birkenstock
Necklace – Etsy

Parklife – Blur

Lazy Days Calling to You

I’ve not been posting very much recently. Life has been getting in the way and in my spare time I’ve just wanted to laze around. Anyone else get like that? Walking Seb has been my main activity, on evenings like this one its not something to complain about.

My ever reluctant photographer boyfriend took these photos which is why there are so few. Seriously you girlies with lovely men that take all your photos should think yourself lucky.

Given the heat, I’m not complaining I love it, jewellery and accessories where kept to minimum. This gorgeous necklace I picked up from Native Wolf, brainchild of the lovely Natasha from A Design Rookie. She creates beautiful jewellery from crystals and I fell in love with this oil slick coloured one. I’ve got my eye on a little headpiece now but not sure if I can pull it off. I don’t share Natasha’s wonderful bohemian style.




Dress – ASOS
Shrug – H&M
Sandals – Primark
Necklace – Native Wolf
Glasses – Firmoo

Lazy Days – Robbie Williams

More than Words

Quick little wed-nails-day today. I was gonna try some marble effect, marble like the stone not water marble. I didn’t fancy spending over an hour inside painting my nails when it was so gorgeous outside though.

So I went for a simple little scrabble design on a white background. My god was it hard to paint the tiny little numbers on my right hand, hence the shoddiness of them. I’m not sure whether I shoulda painted the letters on the other way round?

What do you think?


More Than Words – Extreme

Mother and Father

Broods are a band I’ve loved for a while now. This New Zealand brother and sister duo came to my attention with Never Gonna Change at the tail end of last year.

This track is as good if not better. Perhaps it’s just because I can relate to the lyrics in this. It may be about leaving home, something I did I long time who but I’m turning 30 this year which is a milestone in itself. The lyrics ‘I don’t want to wake up lonely, I don’t wanna just be fine’ sum up how a lot of us feel think.

Mix those lyrics in with layers of synth and a strong drum beat and what a fab little track you have. The debut album is out on September 15, in the meantime you can get your fix on Spotify.

Fashion Friday – DIY Kimono

Kimono’s are everywhere, definitely a must have this summer. I love them and have been eyeing a few up for a while. When My mum brought me back this lovely scarf from Portugal I figured I could easily turn it into one. I loved the print but I’m not really one for scarfs.

I’ve seen a few different ways to do this but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I folded the scarf in half and cut two matching rectangles from the bottom left and right corners to make sleeves. I won’t give you my measurements as it really depends on how big your scarf is and how big you want to sleeves to be. I then cut an opening up the middle.

As I used a scarf the edges were already hemmed. I just needed a quick stitch along the cuts to form the sleeves. For the opening I sewed back and forth across the fabric at the end of the slit to prevent fraying. I didn’t bother cutting a neckline as I wanted to keep it simple. You’ll see it makes it hang lower at the back which I like. I then hemmed the edges, folding the fabric twice for security. I found it better to iron the fabric down rather than pinning as it was so delicate.

Simples, hope you’re all going to give it a try now.