Got Them Gazing at my Necklace

I saw this awesome necklace while browsing Look magazine a few weeks ago. Much as I loved it I though £18 was a but steep for effectively a gold plated necklace and some embroidery thread. So I thought I put one together myself.

All you need is:

Gold necklace – I got mine for £2 in Primark

Glue – I only had PVC to hand but you’d be better with superglue

Embroidery thread

Jump rings

I started by wrapping the black thread around the top of the chain in the middle section. I used a little dot of glue to hold it in place to start and finish.

I made my tassels using a pretty convoluted method. There’s a much better one here, just add the jump ring instead of a pencil. I then attached a jump ring to my chain and the tasselled jump ring to that. Ta Da!

Oh I almost forgot I loosened all the threads in my tassels to make them, let’s say fluffier.


Pass Out – Tinie Tempah


I Put My New Shoes On

When’s someone asks me if I’d like a new pair of shoes, it doesn’t take much thought to come up with the answer. Then I discovered the shoes were to be from Clarks and I did wonder if I’d find anything I liked. Clarks to me has always meant old lady and school shoes. It appears though they’ve had a little overhaul, you may have have about their collaboration with the fabulous Orla Kelly.

I won’t lie there is still a large selection of comfortable shoes, imagine the thought! I picked up these beauties though. I’ve been swithering over the brogues trend for a while now but I simple couldn’t resist gorgeous patent ones. They got a massive selection of brogues, you can view them all here. Obviously the quality and fit are top notch, my mum always said Clarks school shoes last all year.

Oh and as a bonus I got my half size! My feet are rather awkwardly not only massive but different sizes, 7 and 7.5. I never get half sizes and always have to go for and 8. These beauties are 7.5 and quite possibly the best fitting shoes I’ve had since my mum got me some from a catalogue, the less said about that the better.






Jacket – Very
Trousers – Zara
Shirt – Armani
Brogues – Clarks
Necklace – Primark
Cuff – H&M
Ring -Ursula’s Treasures

New Shoes – Paulo Nutini

I mentioned the Company Blog Awards during the week, I don’t mean to go on but if you fancy nominating me here’s the link again.

The Leaves are Shining in the Sun

You know how we all thought it was spring? It’s still bloody freezing in Glasgow, can someone tell Mother Nature please. Anyway I thought I’d bring some spring to my nails with this little cherry blossom pattern. When I was a kid there was some at the bottom of my street. I always loved how pretty the cherry blossoms were and how they covered the ground like confetti. I only wished they lasted longer, quite a short lived blossom from what I recall.

Anyway, back to the nails. I had to mix up a light blue by adding white to the royal blue I have. The design was Super easy, I drew the branches free hand and added the petals with my dotter. After a few days looking at these I wish I’d added some more petals, I have this noted for next time.





You may have heard the Company Style Blog Awards nominations are open again. I’d love to be considered for one, I think I fit the personal style category best. If you fancy nominating me you can click on the picture below and it will take you right there. It would really make me smile.





Hard Times are Over – John Lennon


Layla formerly known as Jose Vanders, has been around for a little while. Her previous tracks, Oh My Love, Tease, are sweet melody filled loveliness leaving you with a warm feeling inside. I’m not complaining, I really liked them. 

Her new track Smokestacks really grabbed my attention though with as it has a very different feel. It begins slowly with simple piano but as soon as Layla’s vocals creep in you know it’s something special. It builds into a massive track with layers of percusion and harmonies. I love the sound of Layla’s voice, her tone and the emphasis placed on certain lyrics. Her vocals are so filled with emotion they create an eerie feeling. The track is captivating and instead of leaving you with a warm feeling inside it leaves you tingling. 

I’m looking forward to the release of her new EP, Black Mud, out on the 28th April.

Lush – Spring to Skin

Last Thursday evening the fabulous Miss West End Girl invited me along to a little blogger event she helped organise at Lush on Sauchiehall St. I’ve not had much experience of Lush and was more than pleasantly surprised. I never realised that Lush are entirely handmade in the UK, cruelty free, completely vegetarian and lots are even vegan friendly.

On the night we were told about about the fancy skincare products on offer. I always had Lush down as a bath bombs and bubbles kinda store. I hadn’t realised they offered fresh face masks, which are kept on ice, and specialist facial cleansers and toners. We had a little go at making some fresh ‘cupcake’ face masks on the night. It felt and smelt a bit like baking but I suspect wouldn’t have tasted like it. I’m planning trying mine out this weekend, look out for that instagram pick. Next we were talked through all the facial cleansers, the girls suggested I try out Let the Good Times Roll as its best for dry skin and helps with blackheads. I’ve been using it all week and seen a noticeable difference in my skin.

The girls that took the event were all about Lush. They clearly love working for the store and have a wealth of information. They were very excited to take us through some new Lush products about to be released like Sakura the new spring bath bomb and  Ice Blue a peppermint soap perfect for awakening you in the morning. They also told us all about the new Lush Kitchen, an interactive kitchen in Dorset making different limited edition products everyday, exciting stuff!

We got an amazing goodie bag and I’m well and truely a Lush convert now. I even tried out my first ever bath bomb last weekend.







It’s The End of the Week

I’ve had a pretty busy week as usual and still loads to do before 5pm. I’ve really got that Friday feeling though, maybe its the old skool naughties r’n’b that was on the radio this morning getting me off to a good start.

I’ve been busy not just with work but this little blog too. I’ve sorted on my Facebook page, you can like it here (would make me smile even more) and even added a little glittery button for it over there to your right. I sorted out my whole sidebar while I was at it, making it a little sleeker and adding a most loved link for my most popular posts.

I’d thought I’d share Lily Allen’s new track with you as I love her and its perfect for today. Happy Friday guys!

I’ve Been Working All Week

It’s Thursday folks, you know what that means, almost the weekend! This weekend will be the first in a while I’ve had no work to do, how I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s another little work wear post, this may become a feature. I love this little jacket, it has a Chanel feel about it but was a complete bargain. It also goes with pretty much every other item in my work wardrobe, probably because it’s filled with monochrome. I teamed it with my favourite vintage vest here. I’m branching out from the monochrome though and even purchased a little green pencil skirt this week, I’m sure you’ll see it on here soon.





Jacket – H&M
Skirt – Next
Top – Vintage Magpies
Heels – New Look
Bracelet – H&M
Nails – Sing to the Moon

Living For The Weekend – Hard Fi