Clean Brownie Recipe


I’m sure everyone knows what clean eating is by now but incase you don’t it’s basically eating unprocessed foods. It’s not as hard as you might think and definitely not about eating everything raw, cooking is absolutely fine. I found the hardest part is being organised, we do a weekly food shop and it takes a bit more effort working out what dinners to cook all week and what ingredients to use. 

One thing I’ve surprisingly not found hard is the ditching my usual sweet treats. Mainly thanks to Pinterest and the awesome recipes I’ve found on there for peanut butter cookies and honey oat bars. I needed some chocolate though and amazingly managed to adapt a gluten free brownie recipe into my own clean eating one. For someone that couldn’t cook a meal a year ago, that’s pretty impressive I’d say. 


Here’s what you need:

Ground Almonds – 68grams

Cocoa powder (one with no additives, check the ingredient list) – 45grams

Greek Yoghurt (as above) – 113grams

Natural Sweetener (I use this) – 100grams

Vanilla Extract – 1 teaspoon

2 Eggs (free range organic preferably)

First up mix the greek yoghurt and sweetener together. Then add the eggs and vanilla extract and beat together. 

Add the ground almonds and cocoa powder and mix with a hand mixer till everything’s combined. 

Poured into a non stick tray and place into a pre heated oven at 150degrees for around 15mins, I’d check after 10mins. You can tell it’s ready when it’s is shiney on top and it passes the clean knife test

I think mine are a little thin, my tray was too big, so I’ll probably double up the recipe next time. They’re still yummy though, perfect for a lazy Sunday curled on the sofa. 


It was Acceptable in the 80’s


Rewind, the only festival I’ve been to with an average age around 40, where everyone seems to bring a seat with them to create a seated stadium in a field and where neon is a prerequisite for entry. Oh but what a laugh we had. 

Mr sunshine did his best to give us glorious day but there was a fairly severe downpour creating masses of mud. That obviously didn’t dampen our spirits though; especially with the likes of ELO, bringing out Mr Blue Sky again, and Banarama, still got it ladies. 

We may have spent a little too much time, and money, in the cocktails and karaoke tent. At least it kept us dry though, even though 80’s is the decade fashion forgot I kinda loved this wee outfit, even the neon hair mascara. 

Bumbags are the way forward I’m telling you. That and ending the night with neon flashing specs and glo sticks. 






Top – Primark (customised)

Shorts – Gap

Tights – Marks & Spencer

Wellies – Hunter

Bumbag – Primark

Accessories – Claire’s 



Acceptable In the 80’s – Calvin Harris

Jump On That Lightening Bolt


Saturday was rewind so my nails needed some serious eighties neon. Pink and yellow selected fairly quickly now what design to go for? I was inspired by those awesome eighties cartoon superheroes who had bright lightening bolts flying around. 

My tip for these is to paint the design in white first then add the yellow on top. This is much easier than trying to outline the yellow after. It also makes the yellow pop without the need for multiple coats. 

Even these didn’t bring out the sunshine though, we got kinda soaked at the festival. 





Lightening Bolt – Jake Bugg

Seventies Stripes


When your aiming for Seventies LA but you live in Glasgow so it rains, yip that is my life. To be honest though this weather is really getting me down. It’s almost like the summer is meant to refresh you and spur you on for the rest of the year, without the sunshine I’ve been left feeling kinda flat. 

Nothing for it but to turn to some old favourites in an attempt to cheer me up, stripes and brights. Even sunshine yellow isn’t bringing out the sun though. Nothing for it but to dream of holidays, although I’m not sure if that’s counter productive. 






Sweater – Zara

Palazzo Pants – Zara

Lace Vest – Mango

Hat – H&M

Bag – Primark

Necklace – Wild Inanda

Man On A Wire

Stornoway are an indie folk band from, no not Scotland but Oxford. These guys have been floating around for a couple years wth appearances on Later with Jules and BBC Sound of 2010 long list. The guys are in the middle of a UK folk festival tour, I can think of worse ways to spend a summer. 

This track is from their new album, Bonxie. The album was available to pre-order via a crowd funding programme last year. As an aside – I love crowd funding! It was released earlier this year, just added to my iTunes music I’m late to the party this time. 

There’s a definite outdoor/bird theme to their tracks, probably something to do with lead singer Brian Briggs having a PhD in ornithology. This track is their new release but it’s by no means the best on the album, Im leaning towards Between the Saltmarsh and the Sea presently but expect that to change with a few more listens. I can’t resist the building chorus here though. 

Double Denim




Apologies for my abscence this week, I’m not entirely sure were the week went. Funny how a couple of busy days makes you loose track of everything. This whole year in fact is rapidly disappearing, seriously how did we get to the end of July. 

I’ve completed only 2 of my 35 at 35 list. I really should be completing 7 a year to keep on track, so I need to get a wriggle on. I’m working on No. 35 just now. Rather than complete another short term challenge I’m trying a few changes I can incorporate into my daily routine. A few squats, the plank and eating clean.   Time will tell if it works. 

After three weeks I can notice a small difference, particularly when trying on the entire store in the Zara sale. I didn’t buy everything but couldn’t resist this denim vest. Teamed with coloured jeans, this how to do double denim. 







Top – Zara

Jeans – Primark

Cardigan -Primark

Flats – Free Fish

Cross Body Bag – Primark 



Iris Gold now based in London was born in the UK but raised in Freetown Christiana commune in Copenhagen. With childhood influences of 60’s hippy sounds, 70’s psychedelia and hand me down hip- hop LP’s her sound was destined to be ecletic cool.

And cool it is. It’s a perfect laid back summer tune. It conjures pictures of teenagers hanging out on sunny city streets, like something from a early 90’s hip hop video. The sound though is fresh and modern but with just enough of a retro vibe. That little whistle through the chorus is so cool its now been added to my favourites, the hand clap or finger click.

Having already supported Blur, Robbie Williams and Ms Swifty herself this summer, this year looks set to be big for Ms Gold.