Barcelona – Can We Climb This Mountain


Parc Guell is always pretty high on the list of things to do in Barcelona. As a result it’s always packed with tourists and originally wasn’t high on my list of places to see. When I saw some pictures of the Dr Seuss-esque buildings I had to take a wee peek though.

After perfectly arranging Sagrada Familia we totally messed up with Parc Guell. Entry to the park is free but you need a ticket to enter the main section with the buildings. We tried to book on our phones from the parc but the timeslot was several hours away. The rest of the parc is amazing, the attention to detail is sublime. We had a stroll around in the sun admiring the architecture and the view which is impressive.

After Parc a Guell we took a trip up to Tibidabo. You could say it’s a bit of a trek to the edge of the city then up a mountain, it’s amazing though perhaps my favourite afternoon in Barcelona. We walked from Parc Guell to the metro which takes you to the bottom of the mountain. There are then two cute little cable cars to take you to the top. My top tip, stop by Mirabe bar for a cocktail half way. A funky little bar with a great view and saves you waiting in a queue with everyone from the first cable car.

At the top there is the most beautiful church with a cute little vintage theme park in front. A random combination but a brilliant one. The views are spectacular and apparently on a clear day you can see all the way to the Balaerics. I fell in love with the place instantly and could stayed there all afternoon.

I know a load of photos in this post but I struggled to decide which ones to share. 














Top – ASOS
Shorts – ASOS (ON SALE!)
Sliders – Birkenstock
Sunnies – H&M
Necklace – Etsy
Bag – Primark



When You Were Young – The Killers

Ice Bucket Challenge

When all my friends started posting their videos on Facebook last week I knew for sure I’d be nominated. I was also sure that no one would nominate me while I was in Barcelona, which turned out to be right.

I arrived home on Tuesday to two nominations. So here it is with Seb running around in trying to drink all the icy water.

I nominated the lovely Roz amongst others. Just remember to donate too if your doing it, ICED55 £5 to 70070.

Barcelona – Take Me to the Church

On our first full day the heavens opened, seriously the rain was worse than Glasgow. We ventured down Las Ramblas, with the help of a hotel umbrella, but with the rain bouncing off the ground and it was no day for exploring. We found a cute little restaurant and stuffed out faces with tapas and wine instead.

Given the weather it was the perfect day to spend inside and where better than Sagrada Familia. It is absolutely breathtaking, my photos don’t do it justice. My top tip is to book online, we did it that afternoon from our iPhones and were emailed a PDF ticket, no queues for us. The audio guide is great too, I didn’t realise they still have three bigger towers to complete. It is already a spectacular part of the skyline, about to become even more so.

On route back to the hotel the rain had let up and I managed to convince the man to take some outfit shots. I love this little ASOS skirt. Stripes are a fav of mine but it also has a longer length back which makes it super easy to wear. How do you like the backdrop, this was just outside our hotel which was also fab but more on that later.









Skirt – ASOS (on sale)
Vest – H&M
Sliders – Birkenstock
Bag – Primark
Bangle – Forever 21


Take Me to the Church – Hozier


First day and I have an almighty headache. I got little bit excited last night and may have had a few too many vino’s. I’m already in love with Barcelona after a little dinner and drinks just off Las Ramblas last night. My hotel is pretty awesome too, looks like it will be a good holiday.

I went with this stripey combo for travelling. It was a good choice, super comfy on the flight and light for humid Barcelona. Always a good idea to wear your heaviest shoes to travel in, especially if you often to go over the weight like me.





Tee – Primark
Palazzo Pants – Zara
Espadrilles – New Look
Bag – Primark

Barcelona – George Ezra

Glitter All Over the Room


The man is not impressed with the glitter nail art, mainly because there is now glitter everywhere. How does it get into rooms I didn’t even go into? I couldn’t resist adding a little bit of sparkle for my holidays though. I think I might even add some glitter to my toes too.

I’m convinced all those perfect Pinterest nail art pins use glitter even when they say it’s polish. It’s messy and fidgety but do-able. I painted the geometric design first then painted a shellac top coat where I wanted the glitter. My tip is to use a damp nail art brush to remove all the extra glitter, it sticks to everything. Then I sealed it with two layers of top coat, you might even need three depending on the top coat.

Tomorrow I’m off to Barcelona finally, I cannot wait!



Last Friday Night – Katy 

Take me to Church


So I may have been a little preoccupied with Barcelona travel guides and holiday clothes over the weekend to write up my new music monday post.

This little track from Irish artist Hozier and I’ve been in love with for a while. Its already been a massive hit in his native Ireland and I heard it online some where a few months ago. This morning I heard it on Radio 1 as it’s their track of the day so I thought I’d share it as a late music monday.

Hope your monday’s not going to badly, enjoy.


Get Your Passport and Your Bikini


EspadrillesStripe SkirtYellow ShortsCrochet BraletFloral PlaysuitFloral BraletPrint ShortsLace BraletOff Shoulder Crop

In four days time I’ll finally be heading off on my hols. I’ve been looking forward to these five days in Barcelona for weeks now. I’ve never been before and everyone tells me it’s an amazing city.

Obviously I need to pick up some new clothes and with the sales coming to an end there’s some great bargains. I bought a little stripey bikini for £1 yesterday! This is my wish list but I can’t have them all, which do you think I should invest in?


Holiday – Dizzee Rascal