Easter Egg Nails

yellow-Easter-egg-nail-art-diy  It’s nearly Easter, how did that happen? I remember painting hard boiled eggs as a kid and rolling them down a hill. I took this as inspiration for some fun nails to brighten a rather cold gloomy Glasgow. 

I thought the yellow made a nice base coat to my zig zagged dotted and floral designs. They do make me smile during what is turning into a pretty horrid week. Oh and Easter nails are a good excuse to buy mini egg props which I proceeded to eat of course; well I am working my ass off with Jillian Michaels everyday. 






What’s Real

A late one I know, forgive me. I had such a rubbish Sunday where I accomplished entirely nothing. You ever get that complete apathy where anything which requires more brain power than staring at the TV is simply a no go? That was me yesterday. Followed by potentially the worse sleep ever. All in all setting me up for a fairly great monday, flash blogger lifetsyle you say? tell me about it.

Anyway, I had another track lined up for today but this one is just speaking to me. Front Man Van Pierszalowski says he wanted to write ‘about heartbreak, about finding clarity, about feeling stuck in your hometown.’ perhaps that explains why it is calling to me today. Also is a catchy indie song and you all know how much I love those.

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy


Those people being my sister, the man went for Zorro. The intended look was 70’s, I like it regardless. You know how much I’m in love with the seventies trend, similarly you know how I love pulling out something long forgotten and giving it a new lease of life. These trousers tick both of those boxes. They were purchased in 2003 and after being firm favourites have languished in the back of the wardrobe for years, managing to survive several wardrobe culls mind you. 

The old adage if you keep something long enough it’ll come back into style is most definitely true. How do you pick those perfect peices that you can rock in you early twenties and early shh thirties? 

Good Quality

The likes of Primark have made us all forget this. It’s so easy to pick up cheap throwaway fashion trends each season. Back in 2003 Primark was just a low quality store and Topshop was about the cheapest place for on trend items. I was a student and being continually skint would treat myself three times a year when my student loan came in, that’s what it’s for right? These Missy Sixty trousers were my treat that spring/summer season. The ¬£100 pricetag has definitely been justified now with their cost per wear.

Simple Style

Trends may come back into fashion every few years but always with some subtle differences. In 2003 I also had some flared jeans with no waistband, those are not coming back. The simple black style of these will last forever. Ok I admit they do show their age with the Christina Aguilera-esque lace up’s, it’s subtle enough to overlook though. 

Flattering Fit

Woman come in all shapes and sizes and our weights can fluctuate from time to time. Don’t be tempted to buy that must have fashion item if it looks awful on your shape. If you buy something that flatters you, you feel great in it and more likely to keep hold of it. These are ridiculously low rise, makes it a bit of nightmare getting out of cars or out of a low seat. It does however flatter my not quite flat tummy as the waistband sits below the little flabby bit. The woven detail down the middle also slims the look of my thighs. Put it simply, they’re magic trousers. 









Trouser – Miss Sixty (old)

Blouse – Primark

Leather Jacket – Very

Hat – H&M 

Clutch – H&M 

Boots – Priviledged

Ring – K by Kakao

Bracelet – Thomas Sabo via Joshua James Jewellery*

Watch – Armani


The Joker – Steve Miller Band



Friday I’m in Love


Well Hello there lovely people. I know I’ve been a bit absent this week, I can’t really explain why as I’ve been no busier than usual. You know how a big weekend can cast a bit of a shadow over your week though? Well that’s my only excuse given my busy Friday night finished at 7 on Saturday morning last week. 

But hey it’s Friday again and I am indeed in love. I picked up this skirt in Gap during Ednburgh Fashion Week. I’ve been after a striped full skirt for a while so it was love at first sight. The sneaky 20% off that weekend helped too.

There was a last minute change in this outfit when the sun disappeared and grey skies, and even snow, returned to Glasgow. This little skirt is versitle though and took the spring to winter change in its stride. Made me love it even more.

Happy Friday!







Skirt – Gap

Sweater – Firetrap

Boots – Kurt Geiger

Handbag – Primark

Necklace – River Island



Friday I’m in Love – The Cure




The Beautiful Ones


Suede fringed cropped jacket – Fringed Playsuit – Grey fringed bag – tan skirt & crop co-ord – nude mule


As you may have noticed from a few of my recent posts, here and here, the 70’s trend is a big favourite of mine. You can’t pull of real chic 70’s without some beautiful suede. I’ve already managed to score a bargain real suede midi skirt on eBay, sure to be on here soon. 

These beauties are next on my list. Is head to toe suede acceptable? What about head to toe tasseled suede? 



The Beautiful Ones – Suede

The Boardwalk 


Catching a few shots before the sun goes down. Even this industrial part of the River Clyde looks beautiful at this time of the day. 

This hour before the sun goes down, the golden hour, is supposed to be the best time to take photos. Honestly, I struggled with the light. Really need to find a photography course to help me get to grips with this camera. 

I might try again this evening, only on my iPhone though. There will be plenty of drinking so the DSLR is staying at home. I’m out with people from work so getting one of them to take photos without killing themselves laughing might be a challenge in itself! 

I’m then off to a good friend’s birthday party, yip two parties in one night told you I was busy. Let’s hope the hangover isn’t to bad on Saturday. 

Happy Friday. 







Jumper - J D Williams*

Trousers – ASOS

Heels – M&S Limited

Clutch – Gift

Necklace – Gift

Ring – Kakao by K

Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters

My Favourite Game


The inspiration for these is an outfit I have planned for upcoming busy Friday night. Pairing my two favourites, green and monochrome stripes, is something I’m looking forward to. Unfortunately I may need to rethink given how cold it still is here; yes I’m officially old as I’m now picking an outfit for a nightout depending on the weather. 

Anyway, these are pretty fab regardless aren’t they. My only issue is with the ring fingers, I really shoulda made that white triangle bigger. Two tips for this design firstly, paint your nails entirely white to start, then add the green and black in top. Secondly paint one coat of green, add the black stripes then another coat of green, it makes the join much neater. 

What do you think?





Favourite Game – The Cardigans