Your Finest Inspiration: Full Skirt – Tutorial

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and facebook I promised this tutorial last week, my apologises I got caught up with holiday plans. A few weeks ago I shared my love of full skirts, I’ve not been able to find the perfect one for me though. 

I wanted green, satin and a big bow, so figured I’d try and whip one up myself. Now this tutorial has maths involved, not my strong suit so if I can manage sew, get it, can you. Firstly what do you need:

2-3 meters of fabric

Measuring tape


Sewing machine 


Interfacing (optional)


I picked up this gorgeous green satin on eBay here, total bargain. It is quite thin though so I also picked up some interfacing to stiffen it. You may only want to use the interfacing for the waistband though. 


Firstly cut out your circle as above. I did this by folding the fabric in half and finding the middle of the folded edge. I then marked out the radius and length. The radius is were the maths comes in, your waist measurement divided by 3.14 divided by 2. The length of my skirt was 23inch but this will vary depending on your height and preference, just remember to add an extra inch for the hem. In all honesty the hardest part of this tutorial is cutting out that circle evenly, I didn’t succeed. Don’t stress about it too much though, you can see mine worked out ok in the end. 

For a basic waistband simply take your waist measurement and add an inch. Mine was closer to three times my waist measurement as I wanted that bow. It’s best to cut the waistband on the bias, diagonal direction of the fabric, this gives it a little more stretch. It’s not essential though, I didn’t manage as mine was so long. 

Once I cut out the skirt and waistband,  I added interfacing to everything. This is simply ironed on and adds some stiffness to the fabric, depending on the fabric you use you may not need to add this to the skirt. The waistband is folded to create a nice smooth top, give it a little iron and you may be able to avoid stitching it in place. 

The next step is adding the waistband to the skirt. Firstly though you need to cut a slit for the zip, my tip err on the side of caution you can always cut it a little more later. Now pinning that waistband takes a little patience as you will need to gather the skirt slightly. It can be difficult to get it even, I’ll be honest it was third time lucky for me. Eventually I got there and then ran it through my sewing machine. 

Next up is that zip. An invisable zip is obviously preferable. I’ve never tackled a zip before though and as I had my bow I though I’d get away with a normal one. There’s plenty of you tube videos showing you how to add a zip so I won’t even try to describe it here. One tip I did pick up was using wonder web, a kinda of fabric tape which you iron to stick two pieces of fabric together. I used this to hold the zip in place before sewing. 

Then simply hem the bottom, this is where you can sort out any unevenness from your dodgy cutting out. 

Now that sounds simple right? Well it is! If not for sewing machine issues I think I’d have finished mine in a few hours. What do you think? 


Vogue – Madonna

Sunshine and Spots


I’m back, not so fresh from a long girly weekend in Marbella. Last week I showed of my sunshine holiday toe nails and today I planned to show off my sunshine holiday finger nails. One problem, they didn’t quite survive the sunshine, sea, sand and shots. 

I had this plan for simple nude nails with summery spotty pattern, problem I don’t have a nude shellac and had no time to order some. I picked up a Barry M Jelly polish in the perfect colour. A lot of bloggers rave about these polishes but I found it hard to work with. It’s quite thick and takes a long time to dry, maybe I’m just too used to shellac now. I added the little spots with my dotter tool and finished with a shellac top coat. 

I’d hoped the top coat would help the nails last this wasn’t the case. Four days in they’ve started to crack and peel from underneath, shame cause I did like these. Lesson learned, you can’t mix polishes, nude shellac duly ordered. Lucky for you, I took the above little shot for facebook and below for instagram


Leaving on a Jet Plane – Travel Tips


Today I’m off on my first girly holiday for my soon to be sister-in-laws hen weekend. 15 girls living it up in Marbella, what’s not to love! The flight is always hit and miss for me I love flying but being 5ft 10 it’s always an uncomfortable few hours when cramped in budget airline seat. I need extra extra leg room. 

Picking a comfortable outfit to travel in is essential and haram pants are my top tip. These are pretty much pj’s you can wear outside, need I say more? They’re also super light so you don’t die in the heat when you land. An oversized cardy is my second tip, it’s often freezing on planes and this one can double up as a cover or a pillow, whichever is needed more. This trip I have hand luggage only so smart packing is essential. My last tip is wear your biggest heels and heaviest jewellery on the flight. I love these heels but the wooden wedges weight a tonne and take up some much space in a case that they’d never go on holiday if I didn’t wear them. Chunky costume jewellery can be heavy too ladies so pile it on. 

Once the outfit is sorted what about those must have travel items to pop in your case? For me, socks is number one, I always take my shoes off on the plane so my tootsies get chilly. Secondly, my iPad loaded with TV shows and movies in the Sky Go app, a million magazines in the Newsstand and albums galore, how did we cope before tablets? I always pack a book too as sometimes your eyes need a break from the screen. When your flying budget there’s no hot towels before landing so face wipes are great for freshening up before disembarking. Lastly, an essential for any sweet tooth like me, sweeties. I’ve found even on budget airlines you can buy most of what you want to eat snack wise, they never have any good sweeties though so I always pack a bag. Good for the ears too during takeoff and landing. 

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Haram Pants – SES (Australia) 

Vest – H&M

Cardigan -Primark

Wedges – ASOS (old)

Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver

I Can See the Sands on the Horizon


Can you tell it’s almost holiday time? I think the only time my toe nails feature on wed-nails-day is in the run up to a holiday. On Friday I’m off to Marbella for my future sister in laws hen do. I suspect it is going to be carnage but I’m excited for my first girly holiday, another one ticked of my 35 at 35 list.

Obviously something bright and colourful was needed and this neon pink was calling me. I think it makes a great alternative sunset with the purple. Last time I had sunset nails I went for palm tree details so kept it simple this year with the birds. I created the sunset using a colour blend technic I showed you here

Now take me to the beach.





Waves – Mr Probz

Bikini Body Ready? – Ripped in 30 Results

No. 35 of my 35 at 35 list is a simple one but perhaps the biggest, being comfortable with my body. I think this is something that most women struggle with, particularly at this time of year when temperatures are rising and bikini season is upon us. It’s impossible to escape the message thrust upon us by the media as to what our bikini body should look like. Everywhere I look I’m told what I should be doing and eating (or not eating as is often the case) to acheive that perfect look.

I don’t think I’ve ever been particularly overweight, in fact in the past I mighta been almost too skinny. I’ve never been happy with how I look though and always wanted to change something. It’s seems so ridiculous now when I look back at old photos. This is what I wanted to change. 

I’ve always been happiest when I’ve been in a regular fitness routine rather than when I’ve starved myself to loose weight. So this year I’ve tried no fad diets, I’ve been learning to cook and mastered a few healthy dinners, and been trying to workout regularly. I started with a running challenge with a friend throughout February. In March I took on my favourite trainer Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30. 

So I don’t have a flat stomach, thigh gap or Madonna-esque arms, but I’m pretty happy with it and that’s what matters. I would like to be a little more toned and think I’ll tackle the Hard Body workout next. The main thing though is maintaining the changes I’ve made in my lifestyle, so often I fall right back to bad habits after finishing one of these challenges. 




Here Comes the Sun


It appears we have skipped spring and straight to summer, beginning with a beautiful Easter Sunday. You can tell I wasn’t expecting it hence the knee high boots. I’m not complaining though, the sun has been the only thing brightening a fairly shitty week.

My sister and I spent a lovely easter Sunday with my mum and her two crazy poodles. Seb has a bit of a crush on Coco and you may have seen him and his one true love on my Facebook or Instagram.

Thankfully I managed to get a few photos before the three of them went crazy in the park. Though I must apologise for my hair in the later shots, thats what chasing three large dogs does to a girls do.








Blouse – Monsoon

Skirt – Primark

Boots – ASOS

Sunglasses – chanel

Necklace – Etsy

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

You and I Alone

Bank Holidays are all about having a break and a little fun and if you seen my facebook this morning long lies. There’s retro movies on TV, Splash anyone? And Radio 1 are rocking One Hit Wonders all day. So when I came across this new Daphne and Celeste song last week I figured it was perfect. 

For those of you too young to remember this pop duo sensation, try You Tubing U.G.L.Y. This poor pair were bottled off Stage at Leeds festival in 2000 before it was cool to have pop acts at a festivals. 

Somehow though this little track isn’t half bad, probably entirely due to the influence of Max Tunder who produced it. I’ve also found beat I may love more than hand claps and finger clicks, footsteps. Go on, I dare you not to tap your toes.