More than Words

Quick little wed-nails-day today. I was gonna try some marble effect, marble like the stone not water marble. I didn’t fancy spending over an hour inside painting my nails when it was so gorgeous outside though.

So I went for a simple little scrabble design on a white background. My god was it hard to paint the tiny little numbers on my right hand, hence the shoddiness of them. I’m not sure whether I shoulda painted the letters on the other way round?

What do you think?


More Than Words – Extreme

Mother and Father

Broods are a band I’ve loved for a while now. This New Zealand brother and sister duo came to my attention with Never Gonna Change at the tail end of last year.

This track is as good if not better. Perhaps it’s just because I can relate to the lyrics in this. It may be about leaving home, something I did I long time who but I’m turning 30 this year which is a milestone in itself. The lyrics ‘I don’t want to wake up lonely, I don’t wanna just be fine’ sum up how a lot of us feel think.

Mix those lyrics in with layers of synth and a strong drum beat and what a fab little track you have. The debut album is out on September 15, in the meantime you can get your fix on Spotify.

Fashion Friday – DIY Kimono

Kimono’s are everywhere, definitely a must have this summer. I love them and have been eyeing a few up for a while. When My mum brought me back this lovely scarf from Portugal I figured I could easily turn it into one. I loved the print but I’m not really one for scarfs.

I’ve seen a few different ways to do this but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I folded the scarf in half and cut two matching rectangles from the bottom left and right corners to make sleeves. I won’t give you my measurements as it really depends on how big your scarf is and how big you want to sleeves to be. I then cut an opening up the middle.

As I used a scarf the edges were already hemmed. I just needed a quick stitch along the cuts to form the sleeves. For the opening I sewed back and forth across the fabric at the end of the slit to prevent fraying. I didn’t bother cutting a neckline as I wanted to keep it simple. You’ll see it makes it hang lower at the back which I like. I then hemmed the edges, folding the fabric twice for security. I found it better to iron the fabric down rather than pinning as it was so delicate.

Simples, hope you’re all going to give it a try now.

Right Through from Sunrise to Sunset

We got these shots just as sun was setting, what a beautiful Glasgow evening. The yellow wall just set it all off contrasting with the purple of the dress, who says building sites can’t be pretty. I picked up this little dress in an ASOS sale, we all know how much I love those. It’s a funky little tux dress and I love that its purple not black. It a great friday dress because you can wear it straight from work to the bar oryou could say, sunrise to sunset.

I’m off to T in the Park this weekend though my excitment has been dampened a bit with news that it’s to rain heavily all day tomorrow! I can’t believe it given the sun has been splitting the sky all week, just my luck. I don’t think the bikini and shorts combo I rocked last year will cut it this year, best get myself some wellies and a pac a mac.

Happy Friday everyone.

Dress – ASOS
Heels – Primark
Trench – Primark
Bag – Aldo

Our Time – Lily Allen

How Good is Your Hood

Do I even need to tell you what kinda hood I’m referring to? Thought not, Silvia along with the wonderful Miss West End Girl are running a little comp to win the wonderful one of a kind Hollyhood Sonia. It the perfect summer hood with its bright stripey cotton.

I have the perfect outfit, you may think it’s a beautiful Glasgow evening in these photos but don’t be fooled. Notice my hair is all wound up in a bun, that’s because a less than an hour before I was caught in a rain shower. Yes that’s life in Glasgow, sunshine one minute, rain the next. That’s why the ChouChou hoods are such a perfect accessory, not only are they super stylish but practical too.

The Sonia hood would go perfectly with this outfit. The bright maxi would draw attention to the yellow stripes and the a Italian denim would look great against my classic white shirt. It’s the kind hood you could wear to any event as it’s easily dressed up or down. It’s gonna see you right through our lovely scottish ‘summer’ into autumn too.


Shirt – Armani
Maxi – Primark
Flats – New Look
Necklace – Accessorize
Bangle – Gift

If the hoods haven’t stolen your heart like mine, Silvia’s new clothing range mist definitely will. Full of bright colours and bold patterns, what else who we expect from the creator of Bold Souls, the Filipa collection is the epitome of summer. Just now you can get a massive 20% in the Freedom and Sunsets sale running till 10th July. Time to pick up some pieces for Barca I think?


What do we know about LANY? Not a lot, above is the only photo I could find and you can’t even see their faces. They’re three guys from LA who made an impressive debut with their previous singles Walk Away and Hot Lights.

They are back now with two acronym named songs, gotta get down with the kids folks. This one is my favourite, I’m a sucker for a handclap beat, but they are both likely to feature highly in my summer playlists. The electronic beats mixed with RnB vocals are the perfect partner to some relaxing in the sun.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I love this little tee, I’ve have had it for years but I hardly wear it these days. I picked it up in a Urban Outfitters when I was at uni. Perhaps I’m not as bold as I used to be, or maybe I’m just more relaxed and don’t need the controversy, because although it’s just a fun tee it can still bring a few looks in Glasgow. Crazy right?

I spied this little red police box at the bottom of Sauchiehall Street. I swear it’s new although it looks period. I’m pretty sure I woulda noticed a bright red box in the middle of the street before. I was drawn to it for the colour, not for any need of protection given my comments above lol.

I was feeling pretty silly, it was Friday and I had eaten a massive pick & mix. So we tried to get some silly jumping photos, man alive they are hard to get right though. Any tips?





Tee – Urban Outfitters
Shorts – Monsoon
Jacket – Primark
Flats – Primark
Bangle – Brown Thomas



Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper