Sparkle and Stripes


Who says sequins are only for nights out? I’ve been eyeing up sequin trousers for months after spying some amazing pairs on Pinterest. When I saw these in H&M I had to have them. Lucky for me they went on sale after Christmas and I picked them up half price.

Teamed with double stripes they’re dressed down enough for dog walks with my favourite boy. Talking of stripes this cropped jumper was gifted from my good friend Roz, don’t you just love it when you can pick up ‘new’ pieces from friends.

Well it’s Friday again and January is almost done, where did the month go? Good news is I’ve already got plans for two of my 35 at 35 list, off to a good start it seems, details to come soon.






Sequin Leggings – H&M 
Cropped Striped Jumper – Topshop (recycled)
Long Sleeve Striped Top – Primark
Trainers – Converse All Stars
Camera Bag – Kookertron




Ignition/Do You Like

Ignition was one of those tracks that back in the day had me springing to the dancefloor. That was before I was enlightened as to how abhorrent a human being R Kelly is. The wonderful Phoebe Ryan has restored my love of the track with this cover mixed with Miguel’s Do You Like.

Ms Ryan is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has already worked with rappers and indie bands. She also provided some sublime vocals for Tritonal’s Now or Never in 2013. Her vocals are divine and transform this cliched sex fuelled r’n’b track into something quite light and tender.

Cant wait to hear some more from her, which according to Twitter is coming on Wednesday only two days folks.

Cos A Girl Gotta Have her Favourite Things


I may have just dove into my wardrobe and thrown on all my favourite things. Luckily for me they all work together. This skirt is another bargain from the Mango sale. I love the colour and its quickly joining my hat, OTK boots and faux fur as one of my favourite things.

We were so lucky yesterday and despite that ominous sky got all the way round the park before the heavens opens. A hat may be a blogger saviour but torrential rain and strong winds are a step too far, queue a quick dash back to the car.

This afternoon I’m tackling my wardrobe. You know how they say a girl can never have too many clothes? When the doors on your wardrobe don’t close, you have too many. Need to make space for all my presents and bargains.





Skirt – Mango ON SALE
Jacket – Gap (old)
Top –
OTK Boots – Kurt Geiger
Faux Fur – Christmas Market
Hat – H&M
Leather Gloves – Debenhams ON SALE


Favourite Things – Big Brovaz

Electric Avenue


Last night I popped along to the the West End’s Botanic gardens for a little preview of The Electric Gardens, thank you for the invite Roz. The gardens are beautiful all year round whether they be dusted with snow, like today, or bathed in sunshine.

They play a central part in the West End Festival each summer. The Electric Gardens are a move to extend the festival into winter with dramatic lightening and music. You can find out more here.

When it’s still only slightly above freezing, leather legs and boots are a go to choice. With boots this awesome I kept everything else simple with all black. The boots are a little birthday present from my sister, I’d been following the brand on Instagram for a while but didn’t realise they were available in the UK, she knows me so well.







Jacket – M&S Limited Collection
Trousers – Mango ON SALE
Shirt – Armani
Boots - Privileged ON SALE
Bangle – Gift
Ring – Forever 21


Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant

Just Give Me Some Candy


Sweeties are my weakness, I can eat them all day long. So why not take them as inspiration for some nail art? With all these candy colours they’re almost good enough to eat.

I started with two coats of lilac and added the stripes and dots with a little brush. I did one colour/stripe at a time setting the shellac in between, it might take a while with regular nail polish but is the only way to keep the lines distinct.

Is it really bad that polished off that sweetie jar after the photos?





Candy – Paolo Nutini

27 Club

My new girl crush and I’ve only heard this one track, when it’s this good though it’s enough. Chloe Black was born in Australia and raised in LA and Paris, enough to me me suitably jealous on its own. When you mix in major musical talent, I’m fan girling all over the place.

Not only does Ms Black have cool Lana-esque vocal, the comparison is obvious but she can more than hold her own, the backing is pure luxury too. The track is full of soul mixed with big beats. It would feel at home on the Gatsby soundtrack.

With clever lyrics too ’27 Club’ being a reference to several musicians who died at that young age from classic rockstar means. ‘Joplin, herion, cocaine, Cobain, raise my Hendricks to Jimi’ perhaps the cleverest line I’ve come across in a while.

Some more music please Chloe.

Throw on What I Wanted and Go


Hoodies, no longer to be resigned to the gym or yoga class – who am I kidding it’s more like lazy days on the sofa for me. When it’s cold enough for snow and you have a doggy to walk you need to throw on all the clothing you can find. This hoody is from the men’s department so it’s oversized and perfect for layering on top of an outfit.

I’ve had these leggings for a couple years now but I don’t think they’ve ever made it on here. I couldn’t resist donning them yesterday after the snowstorm we had on Friday night. I was disappointed pretty disappointed with how much the snow had melted though.

Everything was still pretty despite the thaw and needless to say Seb had a ball. I also managed to to talk the man into taking these shots, he’s not too bad he tries.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday ahead, I need to tackle the housework.








Hoodie – Primark
Jumper Dress – Benneton
Leggings – Next
Boots – Barratts*
Scarf – Primark
Headband – Primark

If I Was A Boy – Beyonce