When I Get Older, Losing My Hair

Remember when you were 19 and didn’t get hangovers, could stay up all night and all day and lose half a stone at the drop if a hat? I remember older friends at uni telling me how things change as you get older. I always palmed them off believing I was lucky. Well turns out no, I’m not lucky, I was just young. The hangovers … Continue reading When I Get Older, Losing My Hair

Movin on Up

No outfits post today folks because I was busy moving! After a long time I have eventually moved in with the boyfriend. It’s been months in the making but finally here. One problem though, I am ridiculously sentimental and like to keep everything. Seriously everything, I found high school exams papers and cinema tickets to toy story, the first one! My boyfriend on the other … Continue reading Movin on Up