Blue Sea

It’s almost holiday time which means holiday nails are needed. Normally the nails I spent the most time on I’ll confess. This year it’s not just the nails that are different, it’s going to be a whole different holiday with the baba in tow.
For starters it’s the first time in a few years were going to just one destination. We figured it’s best to get to grips with travelling with prams, car seats and everything else on a short trip first before factoring in extra trains and multiple hotels. The destination? Barcelona, not only do we know it well but absolutely love the place.

And the nails? Today I quickly painted the toes during nap time; and managed to photograph them before the sunlight faded while  baba was occupied with a new toy. By quickly I mean literally half the time i normally take, mostly by using this colour changing blue. Deep blue when they’re cold, pale blue when they’re hot, should be fun watching them change as i hop in and out the pool or sunshine. All that time saved meant I even had time to add some jewels.

Next challenge is the fingernails.

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