It’s Simple and It’s Plain

How wonderful is it when your looking for something specific and actually find it? It’s rare, whenever I go out with an idea of what I want the chances of actually finding it are slim to none. Whether that be a piece of clothing, furniture or is often the case for me a hotel with the man’s specific set of requirements. 
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Legs that go on for Miles and Miles


And by that I don’t mean my own, but these Zara flared trousers I picked up in the sale. I’m not exactly short at 5ft 10 but these bad boys have the longest legs I’ve ever come across. These are the highest heels I have and they’re only just off the floor. Perhaps not surprising they were a total bargain in the sale given the limited long limbed ladies that would fit in them.  Continue reading “Legs that go on for Miles and Miles”

Heels so High, That You Can’t Even have a Good Time

I have some really bad news, my beloved blog shoes (see header above) are broken. I swear this almost made me cry when I realised. My man thinks he may be able to fix them, the bottom of the wedge has broken from the back, but I’m not holding my breath. I think this definitely requires new shoes, to replace the old ones and cheer … Continue reading Heels so High, That You Can’t Even have a Good Time

On the cover of a Magazine

This week I’m featuring a gorgeous outfit from Vogue’s ‘with the band’ feature, in their May Issue. Aren’t those bright colours and glossy fabrics just beautiful? A little bit on the costly side though with the pants from Jean Paul Gaultier at £650, blouse from Nina Ricci at £650 and a whooping £1,120 for the Louis Vuitton wedges. I found these lovely palazzo pants from … Continue reading On the cover of a Magazine

Question, tell me what you think about me?

Last night I was off out to an annual work quiz night. It sounds a bit sad but it is always a brilliant night. My team won a few years ago and ever since we’ve been 2nd or 3rd. Last night was particularly gutting as we lost by 1point!! I’m feeling pretty rubbish just now, think I’ve caught one of the bugs that floating around. … Continue reading Question, tell me what you think about me?