Legs that go on for Miles and Miles


And by that I don’t mean my own, but these Zara flared trousers I picked up in the sale. I’m not exactly short at 5ft 10 but these bad boys have the longest legs I’ve ever come across. These are the highest heels I have and they’re only just off the floor. Perhaps not surprising they were a total bargain in the sale given the limited long limbed ladies that would fit in them. 

My workwear wardrobe was in desperate need of some new pieces and these came to the rescue. Despite the ridiculous leg length I’m in love with the forties feel of them and hints of red and blue in the checks. I just need to find some more red and blue shirts to pair with them, oh and maybe some more ridiculously high heels? Every time I start looking at workwear though I somehow ended up buying something entirely inappropriate, easily distracted by bright shiney things it seems.

Friday is upon us, do we all have exciting weekend plans? My plan is to finish my blog revamp. I have found a perfect new theme and just need to get a new header photo and remember how to code my social media buttons. I foresee a frustrated afternoon behind my laptop on Sunday, any help much appreciated!




Trousers – Zara (sale)

Coat – Missguided

Heels – Steve Madden (old)

Handbag – River Island 

Deeply Dippy – Right Said Fred

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