It’s Simple and It’s Plain

How wonderful is it when your looking for something specific and actually find it? It’s rare, whenever I go out with an idea of what I want the chances of actually finding it are slim to none. Whether that be a piece of clothing, furniture or is often the case for me a hotel with the man’s specific set of requirements. 

Coming across this simple little dress in Primark was a dream then. Often finding the simple things is all the more difficult. Maybe because when it’s simple we have a clearer idea of exactly what we want. These dresses are everywhere, but I wanted stripes and I wanted one that would cover my ass.  This style is invariably short and just gets shorter while you walk. Not this one, the midi length is perfect. At under a tenner I may now have bought it in a few colours too. 

Given you can wear it a million ways it’s destined never to be off my body all summer. If summer ever arrives that is.








Dress – Primark

Jumper – Zara

Trainers – Converse 

Bag – Next 

Glasses – Asda Opticians 

The Winner Takes it All – ABBA

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