Heels so High, That You Can’t Even have a Good Time

I have some really bad news, my beloved blog shoes (see header above) are broken. I swear this almost made me cry when I realised. My man thinks he may be able to fix them, the bottom of the wedge has broken from the back, but I’m not holding my breath.

I think this definitely requires new shoes, to replace the old ones and cheer me up. I spied these bad boys when I was in town last weekend. They are similar in style with the cut out wedge heel, probably because they are also from Jessica Simpson.  I’m not a fan of her but fell in love with the shoes when I saw them in Macy’s three years ago in New York,I didn’t know you could get her heels in the UK now. I’m not sure about the T bar on these, they just aren’t as cool as my originals. The ones I saw where nude but I think I prefer the black, I can’t find them anywhere in my size though.

My other love right now are these beauties from Zara. You may or may not know green is my favourite colour. I love the simple but slick design of these shoes and the bright colours. What puts me off these is that Zara only took £10 off them in sale, c’mon that’s not a sale!

I can’t have both, in fact I probably can’t afford either, I need them though. Help me pick which I should go for!

PS. My heels are never toO high for me to have a good time, it’s just a good title 🙂

Price Tag – Jessie J

7 thoughts on “Heels so High, That You Can’t Even have a Good Time

  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! I am loving the black Jessica Simpson ones. Whereabouts can you buy them in the UK?
    I hate it when shoes break but it give you an excuse to shop!
    I’m with you on the heels are never too high phrase!


  2. I have had a heels break moments after I put them on… It is very unpleasant. I like what you have pictured here and I think I am going to hunt for them today… 😉

  3. i don’t really like the t bar on the jessica simpson. i’d prb nudge you towards the zara .

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