Don’t even need to buy a new dress

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend. Have enjoyed some lovely dog walks in the milder weather and it’s been nice to just relax and do not very much.

It did mean I got round to sorting things which have been boxed up since the move. Most importantly setting up my beloved old school sewing machine. I’m inspired and I’m going to buy some patterns etc this week.

This little dress a made a few weeks ago, I posted a DIY here. It’s so simple. I was gonna re-dye it to even out the colour but I think I might just stick with the tie dye effect. I’ve styled it up with a belt and some heels. I like how I can mess around with the hemline shortening and lengthening it.

First time this year I’ve got my legs out. I have realised I desperately need to get some fake tan on, I apologise for my sickly pale legs!







5 thoughts on “Don’t even need to buy a new dress

  1. Definitely don’t re-dye it, the tie dye looks lovely & the colour is soo nice against your complexion! You did a great job on the dress, pretty much all of the simpler things I make end up being my favourites & getting worn the most. Also, if you think your legs are pale, you should see mine! Haha! 😉

  2. dress is fab & you look amazing in it. you are definitely not the palest, my legs are blue, remember.

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