It’s Been A Long Cold Lonely Winter

It seems like Maxi skirts are everywhere just now, seen quite a few blog posts featuring them. I’m desperate to make a few in different colours but always forget to buy elastic when I’m out, doh. So I’m stuck with this one you’ve seen before for now. This vest I loved so much that I bought it even though it was 2 sizes too big. I took it in down the back seem but it’s still oversized. It’s the ode to Chanel print that I love.

Last night I went to the movies with my sis to see the new Gerard Butler film. I heard it described as Die Hard in the White House and this is a pretty good description. Is it realistic? No. Cheesy? maybe a bit. Brilliant? Absolutely! Who doesn’t love a hot man running around saving the day? I particularly love how Mr Butler’s Glasgow accent always comes out when he swears.





Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

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