Hand Bags and the Gladrags


Buying vintage can be tough. Finding that perfect piece can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Once you find it there no guarantee it’ll fit even if it is your size as they can vary depending on the decade and style. This skirt was a pretty special find by my big sis at the awesome Glad Rags Thrift
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Sorry I Ain’t Got no Money


What is it about clothing that makes me just have to have it? Everything else I can resist or logically consider whether the cost is worth the return. When it comes to fashion though my brain comes up with all sorts of crazy justifications for why I have to have it.

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Something Old, Something Pink


I’m a fashion blogger apparently but everything I am wearing here is old and no longer available. And that is something that happens quite regularly here. I read a lot of fashion blogs, a lot. Most are full of brand new pieces, links to buy them and quite often from high end or designer stores. As much as I’d love it, I realise I will never have that kinda of blog. 
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I Aint’t Gonna Live Forever, I just wanna live while I’m Alive

It’s been a full two weeks since my last outfit post, where have I been? Well, life has been pretty busy, standard blogger excuse I know. And, my photographer has been ill. A new one and genuine one. Not a dog ate my homework kinda excuse though, if my photos were printed I’m sure Seb would give them at least a little taste. My photographer … Continue reading I Aint’t Gonna Live Forever, I just wanna live while I’m Alive