I’m a Barbie Girl


When you have a 5yrs old girl staying there’s lots if Barbie pink around.  Similarly when you ask your niece to pick a nail colour this Barbie pink is selected without hesitation. Unfortunately I didn’t have a similar non shellac colour for her nails but managed to avoid tears with a pretty lilac thankfully. 

My nails are so hideously short right now I wasn’t sure I was going to manage any kind of pattern. I kept it simple with this zebra print, although my poor little middle finger was just too short. 

Painting white over any colour is tough, there’s two ways to go about it. Either paint the whole nail white first then add the pink over where desired. Or as I did paint the pink first but leaving sections of the nail blank where you want to add the White. Both are equally tricky and its simply down to your preference which to use. The zebra stripes I added with a nail art brush. 






 Barbie Girl – Aqua





6 thoughts on “I’m a Barbie Girl

  1. They look FAB I love the animal print detailing it’s subtle but works perfectly, you are reminding me how bad my nails are right now they need some colour! x

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