The Boardwalk 


Catching a few shots before the sun goes down. Even this industrial part of the River Clyde looks beautiful at this time of the day. 

This hour before the sun goes down, the golden hour, is supposed to be the best time to take photos. Honestly, I struggled with the light. Really need to find a photography course to help me get to grips with this camera. 

I might try again this evening, only on my iPhone though. There will be plenty of drinking so the DSLR is staying at home. I’m out with people from work so getting one of them to take photos without killing themselves laughing might be a challenge in itself! 

I’m then off to a good friend’s birthday party, yip two parties in one night told you I was busy. Let’s hope the hangover isn’t to bad on Saturday. 

Happy Friday. 







Jumper – J D Williams*

Trousers – ASOS

Heels – M&S Limited

Clutch – Gift

Necklace – Gift

Ring – Kakao by K

Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters

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