Opposite’s Attract

Blue and Yellow; opposites on the colour wheel and I guess technically shouldn’t be used together. I’ve always liked them together though, even been known to go all out in a colour burst outfit. 

This colour clash is a subtle one though with just a little hint of yellow in the dots. Negative spaces are becoming a fast favourite nail trend for me too. This trend not only looks cool but has two added bonuses. Firstly, it takes less time to paint given half your nail is bare. Secondly, if you design them like this they’ll last twice as long as you don’t get the visible regrowth at the bottom. What’s not to love eh? 

Also I gave in persevering with my old 5s and got a new iphone 7. I didn’t realise how much bigger it is but it is worth it for a battery that lasts longer than an hour. It also means I’ll need a whole host of new phone covers, first up strawberry.



Opposites Attract – Paula Abdul 

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