Beautiful Little Fools

Jorja Smith has been popping up in my playlists for a few months now. I first came across her about a year ago with the track Where Did You Go. Since then there’s been a wonderful EP Project 11 and now she’s featured on Drake’s brand new playlist More Life. If you’ve not heard of her yet you’re about to.

I fell in love with those smooth soulful vocals combined with her heartfelt lyrics. There’s a realness to her tracks I can’t get enough of. Beware though, Where Did You Go has made me cry when I’m in the wrong – or maybe right – mood. 

Her newest track popped up on Spotify earlier this month. A beautiful feminist ballad. Quoting Gatsby in the title and throughout the track she encourages girls to be more than ‘beautiful little fools. The video continues the Gatsby theme and is a celebration of the differences in women.


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