I’d Rather be Someone’s Shot of Whiskey


Wouldn’t we all? As someone who is loud, sarcastic and swears a little too much, I’m definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Shot of whiskey I’d rather be any way. 

It takes a while to reach that realisation though. I spent a lot of time in High School worrying about why I didn’t fit in with the cool crowd. It’s pretty easy not to fit in; whether you’re not skinny enough, not wearing the right clothes, saying the wrong things or maybe your face just doesn’t fit. The thing no one tells you in school though, is being in the cool crowd when your 16 means absolutely nothing in the real world. 

High School must still be possibly the most difficult and horrible experience in life for a lot of young people, especially in our new social media world. There are now at least plenty of people out there telling you to be whoever you want to be. My wonderful sister, who gifted me this tee, is one of those lovely people with her Operation BoPo. A project to inspire everyone to love the who they are, check it out here. Did I think at 16 I’d be posing for a photograph exhibition, no, but then that’s kinda the point. 

So shots of whiskey all round?








Tee – Gift

Skirt- River Island

Trainers – Converse All Stars

Watch – ASOS

Bag – Next


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