There You Go

This weekend has disappeared. On Friday I developed the worst migraine I’ve had in years and it’s still not fully shifted, the joys. Continue reading “There You Go”

I’d Rather be Someone’s Shot of Whiskey


Wouldn’t we all? As someone who is loud, sarcastic and swears a little too much, I’m definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Shot of whiskey I’d rather be any way. 
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I Like Those Stylish Clothes You Wear

So she may not be my favourite celebrity, I mean who cheats on Robert Pattison? But she has just been crowned Glamours Best Dressed for 2013 and I do like her style. Laid back, cool and simple, can’t fault it really. I get the impression she just wears what she likes and doesn’t care about having her photo taken or the tabloids opinion of it. … Continue reading I Like Those Stylish Clothes You Wear