Step Into Christmas

I have to say I’m feeling a little smug this year when it comes to Christmas. Not only did I have all my presents purchased with over a week to spare, but I had most of them wrapped as well. That’s pretty good going if you ask me.
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Go Your Own Way

I’ve been trying for four years now to get into some kind blogging routine, posting three times a week on set days, sharing on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and everything else that goes along with it. But really who has time for that? Those that run their blog as a full time job that’s who, I’ve already got one of those.
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Throw on Some Leather and Cruise

First up, sorry for the rubbish quality photos! This is what happens when you’ve had no outfit posts for two weeks, you plan an photo shoot but forget your camera and it gets dark before you’re anywhere near finished work. Yip that’s winter in Scotland, you have to embrace the night as it starts at 4pm. It’s does mean it time to get wrapped up … Continue reading Throw on Some Leather and Cruise

DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

How cute are these, even if I do say so myself? I’ve seen simlar little bracelets  a few places. You know me though, why spend money on something I can make myself. What you need: Leather Cord – eBay  Rounded Metal Beads – eBay Curved Tube Beads – eBay  Scissors  This tutorial hardly seems worthwhile, if my five year old neice can make these so … Continue reading DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Cos A Girl Gotta Have her Favourite Things

  I may have just dove into my wardrobe and thrown on all my favourite things. Luckily for me they all work together. This skirt is another bargain from the Mango sale. I love the colour and its quickly joining my hat, OTK boots and faux fur as one of my favourite things. We were so lucky yesterday and despite that ominous sky got all … Continue reading Cos A Girl Gotta Have her Favourite Things