The Way You Brush Your Hair

It’s been radio silence for over a week now, both here and on social media. I’m not sorry I’ve been far too busy enjoying myself with my niece to keep up with blogging. She is over from Australia for three weeks and stayed with me for the first two. She’s off to my brothers now so I really should catch up, I currently have over 500 unread posts on bloglovin. 

One thing I did manage to tweet and Instagram about is my new hair. As much as I love my hair long it had been that way for years. It was far to easy to pull it back into a ponytail in the morning that I never did anything with it. Not wanting to do anything by halfs I chopped it all off. 

I am in love with my new short style created by Marge at Twisted Sister. It’s super easy to maintain, seriously I can dry my hair in less than half the time and no straightening required is a miracle. These shots were taken after a long day in the office and it’s still looking pretty good. I expect it to stay short for quite sometime now. 


Ride Wit Me – Nelly  

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