Leaving on a Jet Plane – Travel Tips


Today I’m off on my first girly holiday for my soon to be sister-in-laws hen weekend. 15 girls living it up in Marbella, what’s not to love! The flight is always hit and miss for me I love flying but being 5ft 10 it’s always an uncomfortable few hours when cramped in budget airline seat. I need extra extra leg room. 

Picking a comfortable outfit to travel in is essential and haram pants are my top tip. These are pretty much pj’s you can wear outside, need I say more? They’re also super light so you don’t die in the heat when you land. An oversized cardy is my second tip, it’s often freezing on planes and this one can double up as a cover or a pillow, whichever is needed more. This trip I have hand luggage only so smart packing is essential. My last tip is wear your biggest heels and heaviest jewellery on the flight. I love these heels but the wooden wedges weight a tonne and take up some much space in a case that they’d never go on holiday if I didn’t wear them. Chunky costume jewellery can be heavy too ladies so pile it on. 

Once the outfit is sorted what about those must have travel items to pop in your case? For me, socks is number one, I always take my shoes off on the plane so my tootsies get chilly. Secondly, my iPad loaded with TV shows and movies in the Sky Go app, a million magazines in the Newsstand and albums galore, how did we cope before tablets? I always pack a book too as sometimes your eyes need a break from the screen. When your flying budget there’s no hot towels before landing so face wipes are great for freshening up before disembarking. Lastly, an essential for any sweet tooth like me, sweeties. I’ve found even on budget airlines you can buy most of what you want to eat snack wise, they never have any good sweeties though so I always pack a bag. Good for the ears too during takeoff and landing. 

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Haram Pants – SES (Australia) 

Vest – H&M

Cardigan -Primark

Wedges – ASOS (old)

Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver

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