Step Into a Christmas

Ok so it’s the 8th December and we’re well on our way to Christmas. For the next three weeks new music monday will be all about the Christmas song.

It’s doubtful these songs will be new to you, but to mix it up a little I have three top threes for you. Hopefully featuring a least one you might not have heard.

Today is my top three Christmas party songs. First up in Elton John, with so many classic tunes there had to be a christmas tune somewhere. This is not just a great Christmas song but great song in itself, I dare you not to dance.

Second is The Waitresses. This one is a bit more unusual but one of my all time favourite Christmas tunes. The female lead rapping is unique for a Christmas tune. The lyrics are clever and the chorus catchy, oh and it has a happy ending.

Last up its gotta be one of those 70’s glam rock classics. For me it’s gotta be Slade, who really wants it to be christmas everyday Wizzard? The lyrics tell the story of everyone’s Christmas and I think must be ingrained into all our brains. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like this track, except maybe those who work in retail and have to listen to it ten times a day all December!

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